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Where to go to Crimea with children? We choose a place for rest

When adults go to rest themselves - this is one thing, and when they bring their children with them - is completely different. When resting with children, you must fulfill a number of conditions, if you do not want to turn a family vacation into hell. And this is not an exaggeration. You do not want your child to get burnt, hurt his legs on sharp stones or get poisoned? Especially if you go there, where you have never been - for example, in the Crimea. Let's try to answer the question: "Where should I go to the Crimea with the children?"

Now the time has come when it is possible to go on vacation to any part of the globe. But still, many prefer to rest in their native penates or near abroad. In the same Crimea and the climate is more familiar, there are no big differences in temperature, and the food is familiar, and the entertainment is native. Not to mention the language.

On the Ukrainian peninsula, there are many places where you can come with a child over three years old. In many resort towns and cities there are all conditions for this, considering parks of attractions, children's entertainment and specially equipped beaches. But most parents, when deciding on where to go to Crimea with children, stop at Evpatoria. Why? Answer: since the Soviet times the entire resort infrastructure was created for children here. And no one regrets the decision. The main thing is to guess with the weather and the warm sea.

Well, they decided where in the Crimea with the child it is good and comfortable. In addition, in Evpatoria, which is important, almost all along the coast the sea is very shallow at a distance of at least 10-15 meters from the shore, the beaches are sandy, and the slopes to the water are gentle. Along the whole coast there are many hotels and sanatoriums, in which all conditions for recreation with your kids are created.

At the same time, Evpatoria resembles a large kindergarten, and there are people who do not want to rest in such a place. Where to go to Crimea with children for such families? If you are looking for a small place, then you can go to one of the settlements around another beautiful city - Yalta. This, for example, Mishor, Nikita, Black Sea, Cossack bay. Here there are small pebbly beaches, on which there are never many vacationers.

Someone thinks that the southern coast of the peninsula is expensive and noisy, besides the climate here is subtropical, not very suitable for toddlers. These parents, answering the question where to go to Crimea with children, choose the eastern shore: Ordzhonikidze, Sudak, Koktebel, the New World. In addition, they recommend generally to go to the Crimea not in the summer, but at the end of May or in September.

We arrived in the Crimea. Where to relax with children? Not only will you spend all the time on the sea. In Nikitsky garden, located near Yalta, in the homonymous village, you can spend a whole day with your family. In Sevastopol and Yalta, you can perfectly relax in water parks. In Sevastopol, besides, there is Ecopark, where there are many attractions, museums of marmalade and Soviet childhood. Attractions are available in Yalta and Evpatoria. In the last town there is a Dinopark with an exhibition of dinosaurs.

On the peninsula of Crimea, you can get rest for every taste and pocket, charging with energy for a year ahead and charging her with their children. The only condition - when resting with children, plan it in advance, so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

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