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How to fry the seeds in a frying pan at home

Despite the fact that the birthplace of sunflower is America, the first to start eating its seeds in our country. The Indians used only oil that was squeezed out of it solely for caring for their own bodies, and made pollen from the pollen for tattoos. Europeans have been growing these beautiful flowers since the XVI century, exclusively for decorative purposes. And only after the sunflower was brought to Russia, our people realized how to fry the seeds in a frying pan. And I realized that the seeds of this "sun flower" are not only edible, but also very tasty in both fried and fresh. And the butter from the fried seeds was simply irreplaceable. Especially now, when our squeeze of linseed oil and hemp oil came to nothing .

It can be safely asserted that for the inhabitants of our country sunflower seeds, called simply "seeds", or "seeds", are a national delicacy replacing Russians earlier than popcorn. Pumpkin seeds are also delicious, but by popularity they are far from sunflower. On the streets of cities there are still "old ladies" offering to buy a glass of seeds from them at a reasonable price. But if before they were monopolies in this sphere, today they are being pushed out from the market with the poured in a bag of grain sold in any stall or in a store. But true gourmets, who know perfectly well how to fry seeds in a frying pan, prefer to use only their own cooked product. Try it and you do it yourself.

How to fry the seeds in a frying pan

Of course, you can fry them in the oven, and even in the microwave. But despite the fact that the latter method is the easiest, it still did not get accustomed to especially among connoisseurs and connoisseurs of sunflower seeds. But a cast-iron frying pan with a wide flat bottom is a cult kitchen implements for them. Some housewives even allocate for a seed a separate vessel, which is strictly forbidden to use for other purposes.

Before frying the seeds in a frying pan, they need to be washed, because it is not known where and how they were stored until they came to you. Of course, if you grow sunflower yourself, then you can skip this instruction item. The frying pan itself must be strongly heated on high heat. The dried seeds pour out on it a layer about one and a half centimeters. The pledge of their successful preparation is a constant stirring. Do this preferably only with a wooden spatula. You can not leave the stove in any case! Since it is difficult to say how much to fry the seeds in a frying pan will have this time. It all depends on the thickness of their peel and size.

As soon as the seeds begin to crackle, remove them from the fire. But do not extinguish the burner, but simply set them aside, without stopping stirring. Then again, return to the fire until the next crackle. Do this you need to be at least three times, from time to time shooting the sample.

How many fry the seeds until ready? It all depends on what you love. Some prefer to fry them until the grains become brownish, but most are ready to be satisfied and creamy. Such seeds have excellent taste and a magnificent aroma. Usually the whole process takes 10-12 minutes.

To improve the taste, you can slightly add sunflower seeds, and pour a little sunflower oil on the bottom of the dishes. The choice of how to fry the seeds in a frying pan is yours. Try different options to understand which ones you like best.

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