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Townhouses in Krasnodar from the builder: reviews, photos

Townhouses in Krasnodar began to build a few decades ago. Originally built all sorts of twin cottages with a common wall, but with two completely separate entrances. Subsequently, this idea began to be widely used, and today such buildings have gained incredible popularity among large families and individuals. It is worth noting the fact that certain cities located in Western Europe, these days are almost completely built up with such houses, while townhouses in Krasnodar began to be built relatively recently. However, in Russia the very idea of erecting such houses is deservedly popular, so there is always a demand for such buildings.

What is it?

In the majority of cases, the tanhauses in Krasnodar are semi-detached or three-storeyed houses, divided into several sections. Thus, an original combination is formed from a country cottage and a full-fledged city apartment. In their types, such houses can be:

  • Through (when a separate entrance is provided, as well as a completely separate exit to the rear section);
  • Blind (when the inputs in several sections alternate and unfold on the sides of the world).

How are they built?

Traditionally, townhouses in Krasnodar are planned zoned. In this case, on the first floor there are various common premises, such as a living room, kitchen, hallway, pantry and others. Bathrooms are mostly installed on each floor in the majority of cases, and almost any townhouses in Krasnodar are planned.

Over the past few years, a fairly large number of settlements with such buildings began to appear and develop. At the same time, many do not understand what is the reason for the popularity, which even the town house in Krasnodar received from the economy class builder. Let's figure it out.

Advantages of townhouses

Since in most cases it is customary to build such buildings in the suburbs, the cost of the section is quite consistent with a city apartment with a much smaller area. At the same time, the cost of a townhouse is ten times smaller than a separate cottage.

In general, the townhouse has its own garage or parking lot, as well as a small plot of land. This is even a townhouse in Krasnodar from the developer of economy class. Thus, there is no need to solve problems with parking the car, and also it becomes possible to fully equip yourself with a resting place on this site.

In some buildings of this type, a free lay-out is used, which allows us to use the useful area of the building exclusively at our discretion. At the same time it is worth noting the fact that townhouses in Krasnodar (photos of which you see in the article) are much cheaper and easier to operate in comparison with separately located cottages. And if the building is equipped with its own heating, this detail will significantly affect the savings of the owners of such a home.

Among other things, one can not but note a small number of neighbors. Everyone usually knows each other, which reduces the risk of theft or assault.


But, arriving in Krasnodar, economy-class townhouses you will not immediately see, as well as prestigious houses. After all, within the metropolis, such buildings are not erected - this is a suburban housing format, which becomes unprofitable in urban conditions. Thus, you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to change your lifestyle to a suburban one.

Also, the transport accessibility of the dwelling deserves special attention. It is always good if there is any convenient access for a personal car or there is a lot of public transport, but in this case it may turn out that there is no alternative to personal transport. Do not forget about the traffic jams, which will have to stand on the way to work.

In such villages there is far from the most developed infrastructure. If you bought a townhouse in Krasnodar with repairs, then schools, pharmacies, kindergartens, grocery stores - all this is likely to be away from you at a sufficiently large distance. That is, you will need to buy all the necessary goods in the city for future use, and children are constantly taken to educational institutions.

Unlike individual cottages, near townhouses are located not such large house areas, and they will be difficult enough to "clear up" lovers of the home garden.

Among other things, buying duplex townhouses in Krasnodar, you get into the bargain of neighbors, and there is no longer that isolation and peculiar seclusion that can be obtained by the owner of a separate private house. True, and for the cost of these types of housing are quite different.

Of what are built?

It should be noted several of the most common technologies that are used in the process of building townhouses.

  • Brick-aerated concrete. Such buildings are distinguished by a sufficiently high degree of reliability, as well as very good thermal characteristics.
  • LSTK (quick-assembly structures). An essential advantage of this type of building is that they are built in the shortest possible time at the lowest price.
  • A porous block that can be faced with plaster or brick. The advantage of such houses can be called a brick building, which, of course, will add to the owner of such a building a sense of reliability.
  • Monolithic construction. In this case, additional enclosing structures made in the form of external walls are used. The advantage of this technology is that it is extremely reliable, while it is resistant to seismic manifestations. It is also possible to build premises with completely free planning.

Legal nuances

If you are interested in home-townhouses in Krasnodar, you should remember a few legal issues and be sure to pay attention to them in case of signing a contract with the organization.

Initially, you will need to see if your developer has an active building permit. If at the moment the construction is not yet completed, you can also check the rights to the land plot and determine what exactly you are trying to sell - the building itself or the building together with the land plot, and how it will all be formalized.

It is necessary to check the type of permitted use, as there are certain legislative nuances concerning the land on which it is possible to build townhouses in Krasnodar. The comments of some companies show that owners or developers sell similar dwellings, despite the fact that they were built not in accordance with the current legislation. As a consequence, there are certain problems. The erection of such buildings is permitted exclusively on land intended for individual or low-rise construction. As an exception, construction of four-section buildings on country lands is allowed, if there are no more than four sections in one row. In any other situation, the erection of such buildings is illegal.

In the majority of cases, the sale of townhouses is carried out with a full set of communications that are displayed to the risers in the place indicated in the project. It is for this reason that it is necessary to take the finished object exclusively according to the specification of the project attached to the contract.

Is this better than a city apartment?

Many people think about what is better - an ordinary city apartment or an apartment in a townhouse in Krasnodar. The cost of such a dwelling is approximately the same, so the choice becomes so urgent.

Advantages of townhouse

If you compare the townhouse with the apartment, then an obvious advantage is the proximity to nature, as well as the availability of your land on which you can show your abilities as a landscape designer. The owners of a city apartment do not have such an advantage.


It deserves special attention that all owners of such premises have approximately the same level of prosperity. People will always feel in their environment, which is important enough to ensure a really comfortable and cozy stay. At the same time there are no neighbors who can periodically forget to close water or gas, and also repair something around the clock.

In itself, the area of the townhouse is more extensive, and at the same time the owner has his own parking place or garage, which makes him feel much more relaxed and comfortable. At the same time, in the process of acquiring this housing, it is possible to plan the planning independently, which is impossible in the case of a standard apartment.

Completely independent heating is also an important advantage. The presence of an autonomous heating system allows owners to always have hot water, which is often absent from residents of urban high-rise buildings, and in particular this manifests itself during a scheduled summer trip. Among other things, with the onset of cold weather the owner of the townhouse always decides himself when the "heating season" begins.

Safety and improvement

For most residents of standard urban apartments, a permanent sense of security has turned into a utopia, and you are very lucky if your entrance is clean, quiet and light, and there is no foul language on walls or any stray animals.

The landscaped territory of the settlements, as well as sufficiently reliable protection, allow each resident to feel extremely protected. Thus, a safe and comfortable environment is formed. In the villages there are specialized sports and children's playgrounds, as well as guest parking, walking areas and much more. At the same time, there are no risks that suddenly there will want to ride street racers or there will be a city transport, so staying on such a street becomes much safer.

Separate attention deserves a relatively small cost of townhouses, as for the construction of such a building you need to spend much less land compared to individual mansions.

What are the disadvantages?

First of all, it is worth noting the higher costs necessary to provide normal public services, since the area of homeownership is somewhat larger than the apartment. At the same time, all payments for utilities are made directly to the direct supplier at reduced tariffs.

Despite the fact that there are all the advantages of living in the city, the settlements themselves are located beyond the metropolis. This is both an advantage (nature) and a disadvantage (lack of the necessary infrastructure).

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