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Billets from cucumbers. Recipes and ways of preparation of marinades and salads

Many mistresses try to make blanks for the winter. Marinate different vegetables: tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and other vegetables. In such house pickles contains a lot of vitamins, and the taste is simply excellent. So, we make preparations from cucumbers for the winter.

Marinated cucumbers (whole)

All calculations for one liter jar.


  • Cucumbers - about, twelve - fifteen pieces (very small);
  • Water - how much will go into the jar;
  • Salt - twenty-five grams;
  • Sugar - twenty-five grams;
  • Vinegar is twenty grams.


  • Currant (leaf) - four pieces;
  • Cherry (leaf) - six pieces;
  • Horseradish (leaf) - one piece;
  • Dill (whole plant) - two pieces;
  • Cloves (dried) - three inflorescences;
  • Pepper fragrant - four peas;
  • Garlic (feather) - two pieces.

Preparation of billets from cucumbers:

First you need to prepare cucumbers. They need to be washed and cut off the tails. Then the seasoning is prepared: all the leaves are thoroughly washed and slightly dried. After this, cucumbers and seasoning, except dried, we place in one container and pour boiling water. This is done for disinfection. While vegetables and seasoning are on processing, it is necessary to wash the cans and put them to sterilize (five to seven minutes per jar), just the same must be done with the lids.

After the cans have been prepared, two cherry leaves and two currants, one dill plant, cloves, sweet pepper, one garlic feather, two thirds of horseradish leaves are placed in them (at the bottom) ; Over the seasoning, cucumbers are placed. In the middle, you need to lay out the rest of the seasoning, leaving only two leaves of cherry and one sheet of currant (they are placed at the top - under the lid). Banks are poured with boiling water and covered with lids. They should stay like this for about ten minutes. Then the water merges into a saucepan, which is put on the fire. After the water boils, salt and sugar are added to it, everything is mixed and again brought to a boil, when it boils again - vinegar pours in and turns off. Bottled marinade poured into the jars and ukuporivayutsya. Then they are rolled up and placed in a dark place.

Winter preparations from cucumbers are not only whole pickled cucumbers, there are many other recipes.

Marinated billets of cucumber lobules

Calculation per one liter jar.


  • Cucumbers - how much it will fit in the jar;
  • Salt - twenty grams;
  • Sugar - fifteen grams;
  • Vinegar - fifteen grams;
  • Vegetable oil - one tablespoon;
  • Cloves - three pieces;
  • Black pepper - three peas;
  • Pepper fragrant - three peas;
  • Onion - one piece;
  • Water - six hundred and fifty grams.

Preparation of billets from cucumbers:

Cucumbers and cans should be prepared first: wash. Then the banks should be sterilized, and cut the cucumber slices. The onion needs to be cleaned, washed and cut into rings. Cucumbers laid out in jars, on top of them - onions, then poured vegetable oil. The pot is poured water, when it boils, added salt, sugar, cloves, pepper. After the next boil, vinegar is added to the marinade. Then the boiling solution is filled with jars that are sealed and placed in a dark place.

Billets from cucumbers - lettuce


  • Cucumbers - one kilogram;
  • Onion - one kilogram;
  • Carrots - one kilogram;
  • Cabbage - one kilogram;
  • Tomatoes - two kilograms;
  • Salt - one hundred grams;
  • Sugar - one hundred and fifty grams;
  • Vinegar - one hundred grams;
  • Sunflower oil - one hundred grams.

Preparation of billets from cucumbers:

The washed vegetables are cut as follows:

  • Cucumbers - straws;
  • Tomatoes - lobules;
  • Carrots are ground with a large grater;
  • Cabbage shredded;
  • Onions - semirings.

All ingredients are placed in a container and mixed thoroughly. Then add salt, sugar, vinegar, oil. After that, everything is thoroughly mixed and given time to stand (forty minutes). Then everything must be put in a jar and sterilized for forty-five minutes. To cork.

We hope that you will like the proposed recipes, and you will want to use them repeatedly.

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