How to give a child "Acyclovir": instructions, testimonies and reviews

The independent use of various medications to treat children can be not only inefficient, but also quite dangerous. That is why, if you have any complaints or unpleasant symptoms, you should contact your pediatrician as soon as possible or call a doctor at your home. Only a medical professional after the examination will be able to accurately diagnose and recommend the correct method of treatment. In this article, we will talk about treatment with Acyclovir. You will find out in what situations this drug is really necessary for the child. It is worth paying attention to the contraindications to its use. Also you will find out in what doses and how to give the child "Acyclovir" correctly.

What it is?

A little later you will learn how to take Acyclovir. But to begin with it is necessary to say a few words about the medication itself and its properties. After all, not every consumer can be armed with this information.

The drug "Acyclovir" is an antiviral drug. The active ingredient of the medicine is the eponymous component. The product is available as an ointment intended for external use. Also, the medicine is in the form of tablets that are taken orally.

When is it necessary to give a child "Acyclovir"?

Indication for the use of drugs for children is absolutely the same as for an adult. The drug is effective in the fight against herpetic infection and cytomegalovirus. Often, it is prescribed for the Epstein-Barr virus. What is written in the instructions for use? The abstract indicates the following situations in which it is necessary to give the child "Acyclovir":

  • Herpetic lesions of soft tissues and mucous membranes;
  • Herpes genitalia;
  • Lichen of a different nature;
  • Varicella (in complex therapy);
  • With immunodeficiency, HIV infection and after chemotherapy.

In what situations should I refrain from treatment?

The child "Acyclovir" can not be given in the event that he has an increased sensitivity to the components of the medicine. At the age of up to three years, the medication is prescribed only for serious indications, since there is no confirmed clinical data on its use in infants.

When using an ointment, it is strictly forbidden to apply the substance to the mucous membrane of the mouth and eyes. When these areas are affected, it is advisable to take the capsule orally.

Method of use: dosage

How to take Acyclovir to your baby? Depending on the type of pathology and the age of the baby, it is necessary to select an individual way of using the drug. So, when a herpes virus of the first or second type is affected, the medicine is prescribed to children aged 3 years and 200 milligrams to five times a day. To children who have not reached the specified age, the drug is prescribed under the supervision of a doctor and usually amounts to a dose of 100 mg of "Acyclovir" with a five-time application. If there is a need to treat a baby under the age of one year, then the medicine is prescribed in accordance with the weight of the child, the calculation is made exclusively by a specialist.

In order to prevent children, the above doses of the drug are prescribed. However, the drug is used 3-4 times a day. The duration of therapy usually does not exceed one week. However, one can not generalize all cases. There are situations when long-term use of the drug "Acyclovir" is necessary.

Features of the use of medicines in children

How to give the medicine to the child of the first six years of life? This question certainly arose from every parent. If your baby can not yet swallow the pill alone, then the preparation must be crushed before use. To do this, rastolkite the desired dose and combine it with a tablespoon of water. After that, offer the medicine to the child and give a drink.

The use of ointment in children can only be done with caution. To do this, you must first wash your hands with soap and put on protective gloves. Next, apply the drug to the affected areas of the skin and repeat the manipulation in reverse order. It is possible to process fabrics in this way up to 6 times a day.

"Acyclovir": price and reviews about the drug

How much is the described medicine? This question arises in most consumers. At "Atsiklovir" the price may differ depending on the place of purchase of the drug and its kind. So, tablets in the amount of 20 pieces will cost the buyer from 150 to 300 rubles. It all depends on the dosage. The cream for local application costs about 50 rubles.

Often consumers ask what is better than "Acyclovir". There is no possibility to answer this question. After all, many depend on the symptoms and age of the baby. Children of the first months of life are often prescribed drugs "Kipferon" and "Viferon" instead of the medicine described. They are more convenient to use and less likely to cause negative reactions. To understand what is best for your baby, contact your doctor.

About the drug "Acyclovir" reviews in most cases, positive. Many consumers say that the medicine helps to quickly overcome the infection and stop the reproduction of the virus in the body. However, there are also negative opinions about the medicine. Some parents noticed an allergic reaction to the drug among their babies. Usually it is manifested by oral medication. The use of an ointment rarely leads to bad consequences. But the probability of their occurrence is not excluded.


Now you know everything about this medicine. If your child requires the use of the drug "Acyclovir", then be sure to ask the doctor for an individual dosage. Please note that the capsules are available in 200 and 400 mg of acyclovir per tablet. When this form of medication is prescribed, it is worthwhile to closely monitor the reaction of the body to the drug. If any unpleasant symptoms (fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc.) occur, seek medical advice immediately. Do not perform symptomatic correction yourself. This can cause a deterioration in well-being. Remember that the instructions for using the described medicine does not provide for its use in children up to three years.

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