Lyophilizate - what is it? Lyophilizate for injection. How to dilute the lyophilizate?

The development of the pharmaceutical industry has led to the need to develop drugs that can maintain their therapeutic properties under various external conditions. For example, preparations based on biologically active components. How do useful microorganisms persist in such preparations? Storage is due to the innovative method of drying the biological components of the drug. This method is called lyophilization, and the substance itself processed in this way is called "lyophilizate". What is it, what preparations are used, what has the effect - you can learn more by reading this article.

What is lyophilization?

A real innovative breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry was the invention of the lyophilization method. Translated from the Greek language, this word means "dissolve", "dry". The essence of the method is the dehydration of medical material by freezing and further drying by a vacuum method. Advantages of this method of preparation of components for medical preparations are:

  • Minimal physicochemical treatment of biological material is carried out, which allows the maximum preservation of useful qualities of substances;
  • In the process of lyophilization, a minimal change in the structure and shape of the starting material occurs;
  • The shelf life of the drug is significantly increased;
  • Expansion of storage conditions, for example at high temperatures or high humidity.

From the history of the emergence of the method of lyophilization

Invented relatively recently lyophilizate. What is it, the specialists of medicine learned for the first time in 1909. It was then that scientists first managed to dry the rabies virus in this way . A little later, the preparation of dry blood plasma was done by lyophilization. In the same period, Russian scientists developed the first apparatus for sublimation, after which lyophilization began to develop and spread widely. This method began to produce a wide range of medical medicines: blood plasma, bacterial preparations, hormones, antibiotics and others.

The purpose of vacuum freeze drying

This method of preparation of components is most common in the pharmacological industry. How is the lyophilizate formed, what is it and where is this method applied? With the help of this method of drying, a wide variety of medications are manufactured. But, in addition, the method is used in the chemical and food industries. The manufactured lyophilizates retain useful properties, do not require strict storage conditions, have a longer shelf life, are as safe as possible for the consumer.

Devices for lyophilization

Developed special apparatus in order to make lyophilizate. Instructions for the use of such devices require special technical knowledge and skills. The systems for the lyophilization of the French production of "Yusifrua", the German "Hohvakum", the English "Edward", the American "Stock" were recommended. In Russia, the most common is a device manufactured in Czech "Friger".

The concept of bacterial lysates

For the production of immunostimulating, antiviral drugs, lyophilisate of bacterial lysates is used. Let's see what really means such a complex medical terminology. First you need to find out what bacterial lysates are. It is nothing but microscopic particles of bacteria formed under the influence of mechanical, chemical or thermal influences. And, accordingly, they become lyophilizates in the process of special drying.

Application of bacterial lysates

Dried lyophilized bacteria lysates are used as immunostimulants. The mechanism of action is similar to the effect of the vaccine. Getting into the body, the virus causes a response of the human immune system, producing protective antibodies. Thus, in the case of further infection of a person with a pathogenic microorganism, the immune system responds in a completely different way from the primary infection. The presence in the body of protective antibodies, which were developed as a result of the fact that a person took for prophylactic purposes a lyophilizate of bacteria, significantly reduces the likelihood of infection or severe disease. Most often with the help of such drugs are carried out the prevention of respiratory viral diseases.

Forms of application of lyophilizates

Medical preparations - lyophilizates are available in various forms: in the form of emulsions, dry powder and solutions. So, for example, the preparation "Bifidumbacterin" is a lyophilizate in the form of a dry powder, which requires dilution before consumption. The right dosage and method of administration can be prescribed only by a doctor.

Solution of lyophilizates for injection

Often used lyophilizate for injection. For intramuscular and intravenous administration of the drug, it is necessary to prepare a medical solution. It is better, if such procedure is carried out by a specialist, since it is extremely important to strictly observe the proportions and technology of dilution of substances. Otherwise, you can not only spoil the drug (with a wrong connection, there can be a chemical reaction like oxidation), but also harm the patient's health. Each preparation has its own characteristics of breeding and application.

For example, injections are carried out with such drugs as "Longidasa", "Hondrolon". How to build a lyophilizate for injection? Let's consider a method of using a medicinal product on the example of an antifungal drug "Vfend". This medicine is a dry powder, packaged in sterile bottles. The preparation of the solution for injection is carried out in two stages: directly dissolution, and then dilution of the obtained concentrate substance. The vial should be dissolved in 20 ml of the applied solvent. Then the required one-time volume of the drug concentrate is diluted with a solution of sodium chloride or glucose.

Immunomodulating preparation "Polyoxidonium"

"Polyoxidonium" is another example of a drug that is used in the form of intramuscular and intravenous injections. This drug is a lyophilizate. Instruction for its use indicates that it is prescribed for children from 6 months old and adults with complicated viral respiratory infections or for the purpose of their prevention.

The dosage of the drug is prescribed by the attending physician taking into account many factors. To make an intramuscular solution, 6 mg of lyophilizate is dissolved in 2 ml of sodium chloride. And for intravenous injection, 3 ml of solvent is needed, after which the concentrate is diluted in 200 ml of hemodez or dextrose solution.

"Polyoxidonium lyophilizate" can provoke an allergic reaction and is incompatible with some other medicines, so before using, consult a doctor and read the instructions carefully.

The preparation "Bifidumbacterin lyophilizate": instructions for use

The medical preparation "Bifidumbacterin" is a lyophilizate of living bacteria. It is available as a dry powder for the preparation of oral solutions.

It is used to restore the intestinal microflora, for example after a prolonged intake of antibiotics or in children's dysbiosis. It is prescribed for such diseases as:

  • Intestinal infections;
  • Stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • Pancreatitis;
  • Poisoning and other disorders of the digestive system.

Bifidumbacterin lyophilizate is also used externally. Instructions for use indicate that with purulent wounds, an application made of gauze moistened in a solution of the drug can be applied.

Intravaginally applied in violation of the microflora of the vagina, rectally in the postoperative period.

The drug is prescribed even for newborns, it can also be used by nursing mothers. During pregnancy, you should consult your doctor before using the medication.

The powder of the drug is dissolved in a small amount of warm liquid: breast milk, fermented milk products, juice, boiled water. The dosage depends on the age and disease of the patient.

It is very important to remember that you can not breed Bifidumbacterin in hot liquid, take in parallel with antibacterial drugs, and store diluted powder.

Lyophilisate "Interferon"

The medicinal preparation of the Russian production "Interferon lyophilizate" is available in the form of powder, packaged in vials. The components that make up it are natural alpha interferon and leukocytes of donor blood. "Interferon" is an antiviral agent, and it also increases the body's resistance to various infections.

Apply the drug nasally, ie, instilled or sprayed with special devices in the nasal passages. In order to conduct such a procedure, it is first necessary to dissolve the lyophilizate. To do this, open one bottle and add distilled warm water to it to the designated mark in 2 ml. Then you need to shake the vial to dissolve the dry particles.

Bury the solution in the nose 5 drops a few times a day or conduct the inhalation procedure with the help of special apparatus.

In no case should you be administered intravenously or intramuscularly, and also this lyophilizate orally ! The instruction to the drug mentions only the nasal method of use.

The invention of lyophilisates promoted the appearance of many modern pharmacological preparations. Such a form of drug release significantly reduces their cost and prolongs shelf life, and the application does not cause special difficulties even at home. But, like any other medicine, requires a preliminary consultation of a specialist drug-lyophilizate. What it is, in what cases there is a need for taking such a drug, the doctor in charge will explain in detail.

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