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Vakhtang Mikeladze is a Soviet and Russian documentary film director

Vakhtang Yevgenyevich Mikeladze won his popularity with success in creating documentary films, the topic of which were representatives of the underworld in Russia. His life path was not calm and smooth. He experienced all the adversity. V. Mikeladze is well aware of the meaning of the words "freedom", since he himself was deprived of it, and "alien", since he himself was expelled from his native places. He knows the value of the concept of "patriotism".

Important facts about the biography of the director

Vakhtang Mikeladze was born on June 16, 1937 in Moscow. His grandfather and grandmother, famous politicians, were shot in the year of the birth of his grandson. After that, the entire family of Vakhtang (and he, among others) was deported to Kazakhstan.

Vakhtang's father, Yevgeny Mikeladze, served as the chief conductor at the Opera and Ballet Theater in Tbilisi. Thanks to his talent, D. Shostakovich was noted as the pride of the conductor school. He also helped Vakhtang to enter VGIK at the course of RL Karmen. The mother of the future director, Ketevan Malievna, spent about nineteen years in Siberia as a member of the family of "enemies of the people." Tengiz Abuladze's film "Repentance" was shot based on the life of Vakhtang's parents and attracted a huge interest of cinema fans around the world.

Beginning of work as a director

After graduation from VGIK, in 1965, the future cinematographer received the specialty of documentary film director. The diploma project of Vakhtang Mikeladze was presented by the film "Omalo" and was recognized as anti-Soviet, which resulted in suspension from the views. Despite the difficulty of showing the picture, RL Carmen "repulsed" the right to view it, after which she immediately received the Lenin Komsomol prize.

1988 was a significant year for the director. Vakhtang Mikeladze opened his studio under the name "EcoFilm" in Moscow and headed it as an art director.

First Prizes

1993 brought even more fame to the director after the release of his picture "Gray Flowers", which tells about children's crimes. This film deserved special gratitude, and Vakhtang was awarded the XXVI Prize at the Leipzig Film Festival.

Since 1995, Vakhtang Mikeladze has been actively cooperating with the RTS television company. He also takes part in the telecast of the First Channel "The Man and the Law". "Documentary detective story", which tells about criminal activity in Russia, Mikeladze began filming in 1997. It was a whole series of documentary films, for which the director was awarded the prize of the FSB.

The DTV television channel on May 6, 2007, began showing the documentary cycle "Spies and Traitors", consisting of thirty-nine series. It reflected the roles of all known spies of the CIA and the KGB. The 39-series series of documentaries "Sentenced for life" was first released in 2008. It contained facts from the life of prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment. The continuation of the documentary series falls on 2010.

VE Mikeladze showed himself not only as a director, but also as a talented screenwriter, as exemplified by such remarkable films as The Defense of Sevastopol, Golden Star No. 11472, Forgotten War, Ascent to Olympus .


All the films of Vakhtang Mikeladze, shown on the First Channel, raised his reputation very high. Note that many of the pictures were also broadcast on other television channels in Russia. All the documentary tapes that Vakhtang Mikeladze shot, refer to works deserving special attention and respect for the audience, which is expressed in dozens of first prizes and awards. The Russian and Georgian Honored Artist, director VE Mikeladze, rightly deserved and deserves high rewards, since he is a man with great moral values. He is critical of his talent and tries to implement it as competently as possible.

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