"Chitosan Evalar": reviews of doctors and buyers, composition, other characteristics of a biologically active additive

In the struggle for the ideal figure, all means are good, but physical activities and regular training do not guarantee instant results. It takes some time for him. But you want so quickly to get the figure of your dreams! In such cases, drugs that help speed up the metabolism come to the rescue , which in turn leads to weight loss. In this article, we will talk about one of these drugs - the drug "Chitosan Evalar". Reviews about it, a description of the method of application and possible contraindications you will find in our article.

Composition and characteristics of dietary supplements

This drug is a biologically active additive, which has a general strengthening effect on the body, which lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and improves digestion. Chitosan, included in its composition, is an aminosaccharide. It is obtained from the shells of marine inhabitants. In addition to the listed properties, it has an antifungal and antibacterial effect. Produced by dietary supplements in the form of tablets, 100 pieces per pack. Each package is accompanied by a detailed instruction, according to which it is recommended to use for the treatment of metabolic disorders, with increased cholesterol content in the body, atherosclerosis, and also for the prevention of this disease. Eliminate this remedy and from dysbiosis, coronary heart disease, and just improve your overall well-being. Next, we'll look at what doctors and customers are saying about this tool. By the way, we are talking not only about the BAE firm firm "Evalar", but also about the drug "Chitosan Tianshi", reviews for both products are almost identical. Mainly because the main component in their composition is the same chitosan.

Application and dosage of the drug

Take "Chitosan Evalar" for the prevention of disease and strengthening the body is recommended for adults and children from 12 years two times a day for 3 tablets. The course is designed for one month; It is desirable to repeat it three times a year. To reduce body weight and weight control, the course is somewhat prolonged, so, the drug should be used for three months for 4 tablets per day. Before using the drug, it is not superfluous to take into account what doctors say about dietary supplements "Chitosan Evalar". The experts' reviews of it are listed below:

  • Application of "Chitosan Evalar" helps normalize the work of the intestine, accelerate the metabolism, the appearance of a feeling of satiety;
  • BAD is usually well tolerated by patients, although, of course, one can not exclude the possibility of allergic reactions due to individual characteristics of the organism.

Reviews of the drug from customers

That's what consumers say about the food additive "Chitosan Evalar". Reviews about it, as well as about any other similar facility, are found both positive and negative. Buyers are happy with the fact that the drug does not allow fat to be absorbed, it speeds up metabolism and digestion, so that all the excess is quickly removed from the body. In addition, it improves the general condition, invigorates, gives strength, reduces weight. All its components are natural, without "chemistry", this was appreciated by most of the dietary supplements. However, despite a large number of enthusiastic responses, there are among them and negative opinions about the drug "Chitosan Evalar". Reviews of this kind indicate that the dietary supplement is not effective and does not help to reduce weight. By the way, this is not surprising, because for weight loss you need to lead an active lifestyle, observe a low-calorie diet or adhere to the foundations of proper nutrition, and do not eat fat and high-calorie food and wait for the weight to go away only because of the intake of supplements. It must also be remembered that the body of each person is individual and can either respond well to any drug, and not demonstrate its effectiveness at all. It is not difficult to purchase the remedy, since "Chitosan" can be bought in every pharmacy or special department of the supermarket. Its price is 250-300 rubles depending on the region.

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