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How to write an essay on nature

If you need to write an essay-reasoning about nature, you went to the address. The article will consider in detail how to correctly write, what topics to touch and what exactly should be present in the text. Do everything possible to make your essay on "Nature" the most memorable and spectacular, and we will help you in this.


Everywhere it's important to start right, and especially this rule concerns essays. You can not write text from the bay-barrack, first you need to think everything over and beautifully start the narrative. Entry is the same prologue in books. You can do without it, but it's more interesting and exciting.

Since the essay on nature, it is necessary to begin with it. What it is, what it is in your mind, why most people love it. At the same time, do not forget to mention whether you personally like nature, but more about this in more detail below. It is not necessary to look into the dictionary for clear definitions, it is important to convey how much you understand this word and that for you, it means to you, nature.

Unforgettable beauty

Nature is the most beautiful thing on earth. So why not mention it in your text? Especially if you also think so, if you know firsthand what kind of beauty our "mother" is endowed with. In order to be inspired enough, you can see suitable pictures with forests, mountains, fields and rivers.

In the essay on nature, you can insert a lot of peculiar, but charming words that will look harmonious and attractive. At least, better than in a more serious text. How, if not words, to convey the entire charm of the described "object"? It is because of similar topics in people and the desire for beauty wakes up, which is very good not only for quality writing, but for life in general.

Personal attitude to nature

The most important point of any composition. How do you feel about nature? What do you feel? Do you love her? How often do you go out of town to fresh air? Why do you like it or do not like it? You should write about this and many other things. The essay about nature should be based not on other people's thoughts, but on personal experience and inner feelings, otherwise insincerity will be too clearly felt, letting everyone know that before them is ordinary hack-work.

In fact, writing a personal opinion about something is not difficult. The main thing, like in any other business, is to start, then everything will go just like clockwork. You got a really extensive topic, where you can swing fantasies and give vent to your imagination. That's when your essay about nature will turn out to be bright and colorful, like a picture of a famous artist, created with colorful colors. You must awaken in yourself the feelings that you are experiencing. Perhaps, you will have to try hard for this, but in the end you will definitely succeed.

Problems related to nature

Many things affect a person's life. Nature, as far as you can understand, is no exception. However, contamination of this is the most common problem that people often do not want to solve, and even think about it. If you are not one of those insensitive personalities that are able to burn your native forest, and then just run away, you can touch on some problems, it will only raise you in the eyes of others. Especially if you are at least a little knowledgeable about this topic. If you are not very good at this, it's enough to mention problems only casually.

Local nature

Remember your trips to the forest, remember your feelings and impressions. This applies not only to the personal point of view, but also here, since it is important to take into account that the composition about the native nature is written (if it is really so), therefore beautiful pictures depicting wonderful snow-capped peaks of magnificent mountains will hardly be in the subject. Of course, you can say about them (about this was discussed in the paragraph about beauty), but you can not forget about what is happening just outside your window.

However, if this work is about Russian nature, it will not be superfluous to say about another country's territory, since such a huge territory has its own peculiarities. For example, in Siberia, nature is clearly different from any other, because it is often colder there than in Moscow. And about the smart forests of the same taiga can not be ignored, speaking of the natural diversity of their country.


At the end of the essay, it is necessary to summarize all of the above. It is not necessary to make a huge paragraph, where there will be a so-called ending, not at all. Sometimes a couple of sentences are enough to finish the written text in a qualitative and harmonious way. As they say, it's not quantity that matters, but quality. By the way, this vital wisdom concerns not only texts. Of course, one worthy conclusion is unlikely to be saved by a frankly bad essay in general, so you should try to do everything at the highest level, but the ending will be most remembered by readers and listeners, so it is necessary to pay special attention to it. At least, it should not be worse in quality than the main text, and also it must carry an explicit completed thought. It is important that the reader does not get the feeling that he was not told something to the end.

In any case, after completing your work, read the essay, preferably aloud. If at the same time you did not have any doubts about the sound of a sentence, and there were no questions or omissions after the end of the text, you coped with the task.

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