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Migraine: how to relieve pain. How to relieve a migraine headache

Almost every person in his life is facing migraine. Those who managed to avoid such a state can rightfully be called lucky. This article will tell you about what to do with migraines. You will find out what medicines and folk recipes are allowed for use at home, and how to relieve a migraine attack without medication (with the help of gymnastics and the environment).

What is a migraine?

Before you learn what to do with migraines and how to relieve an attack, it is worth saying a few words about the disease itself. This pathology belongs to the neurological class. From a normal headache migraine is distinguished by a special character. Most often it appears in one half of the head. The pain gradually increases, it becomes pulsating and simply unbearable.

Many doctors believe that migraine is inherited only in women. If your mother or grandmother suffered from this ailment, then there is a high probability that sooner or later he will manifest himself. Most often the disease recovers its activity in the age of the patient from 30 to 35 years. However, episodes at an earlier or later age are not excluded.

Symptoms of the disease

Very often migraine is accompanied by intolerance of bright light and loud sound. In addition, pain can be accompanied by loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. However, before it occurs, the patient often wants to use some specific (unusual) product.

Pain during an attack often takes one half of the head. In this case, the spread can be on the neck, eye and shoulder area. Less often pathology affects at once two hemispheres. Thus the migraine becomes simply intolerable. Such sensations can last from one hour to several days. If a person encounters an irritant (light, noise, a sharp smell), then the condition can deteriorate significantly.

How to cure a migraine or relieve the pain quickly?

There are several ways to eliminate or prevent the development of pathology. Treatment can be medicamental, stationary, folk and so on. Many patients note that a variety of drugs taken orally have practically no effect. All this is explained by the fact that during the attack the work of the stomach stops (this is what causes nausea and vomiting). As a result of this process, a variety of drugs do not enter the intestines for further processing and absorption into the blood. So, if there was a migraine attack, what to do and how quickly to remove discomfort? Let's try to consider several methods of treatment in detail.

Better prevent than cure

If you feel that migraine will develop soon, how to relieve pain in this case? Many doctors and scientists argue that the attack can be stopped at the earliest stages. Often before the onset of migraine a person feels a fear of light, the appearance of sharp odors. Within one hour before the attack, an aura may appear. In this case, the patient feels a slight clouding of consciousness, the appearance of white flies before the eyes, which immediately give way to black spots. Also, there may be noise in the ears and inhibition of actions.

To remove the headache with migraine already at this stage, you just need to fall asleep. For many patients, this method allows you to completely avoid unpleasant sensations. For other patients, the migraine is more lighter. However, it is not always possible to instantly disconnect from the outside world. If you feel that there is a migraine, then you can use the following methods:

  • Drink a small cup of coffee (the flow of the vasodilator into the body will facilitate the condition);
  • Take analgesics (this rule can only help if the ripple in the temples has not yet begun);
  • Use a contrast shower (this method will help to bring your blood vessels back to normal condition);
  • Take sedatives;
  • Conduct a foot massage (feet are located points that are responsible for pain impulses in the head).

Treatment with medications

If you are struck by a migraine attack, the treatment of pain should be started as soon as possible. Many physicians recommend using medications to stop unpleasant sensations. All of them can be divided into several groups.


These funds can be issued in different forms. The most common tablets. However, with nausea and vomiting, this form may simply be ineffective. Also there are syrups, suspensions and effervescent (soluble) capsules. They act somewhat faster, but with inhibition of the functioning of the stomach may also not help. Rectal suppositories and injections in this case will be much more effective.

Among the analgesics, the following medicines can be distinguished: Paracetamol, Solpadein, Mig, Aspirin, and so on. All of them have a similar effect. Getting into the body, the drugs are absorbed into the blood and carried throughout the body. Means reveal the source of the pain syndrome and eliminate it.

It should be noted that with vasospasm all these drugs will be ineffective. Migraine is often triggered by narrowing and widening of the main arteries of the brain.


If the pain in the head is caused by vasospasms, then this group of drugs can be used. Most often they are available in the form of capsules, injections and rectal suppositories. If there is a possibility, then it is better to introduce an intramuscular solution.

Among the spasmolytics can be identified the following drugs: "No-Shpa", "Papaverin", "Drotaverin" and many others. Getting into the human body, the drug is quickly absorbed and has a relaxing effect on smooth muscles.

Antidepressants and sedatives

If you often suffer from migraine, how to relieve the pain before it is strengthened? In this case, you can drink sedatives and antidepressants. Scientists have proved that often pathology arises precisely because of stressful situations.

Among such medicines can be identified the following: "Afobazol", "Persen", extracts of valerian, motherwort and so on. It is worth noting that during the attack the use of exclusively these funds will lead to nothing. All these medicines should be consumed before the onset of pain.

Caffeine-containing drugs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)

If you are not helped by traditional analgesics, how to relieve migraines (how to relieve pain)? In this case, you can take any drug containing caffeine, such as Citramon, Excedrine, or any other similar remedy.

These drugs not only relieve the pain syndrome, but also gently affect the vessels of the brain, somewhat expanding them.


There are even more powerful remedies for migraines. Treatment in this case is carried out with medicines from the class of triptans. They interact with the main receptors of the human brain and stop unpleasant sensations.

To such means it is possible to carry the following: Sumamigren, Amigrenin, Relpaks, Sumatriptan, Zomig and many others. It is worth noting that all these medicines should be taken only according to the doctor's prescription after a correctly established diagnosis.

Non-medicinal methods

If you are struck by a migraine, how to remove pain without using medication? There are several effective ways. However, each person chooses his own individual approach to this disease. Try all methods and choose the one that suits you best:

  1. Take a horizontal position in a dark room. If there is no possibility to remove sounds and turn off the light, use a special mask for the eyes and insert ear plugs. Be in this condition until pain is relieved.
  2. Take a hot bath. In this case, immerse in the liquid, not only the body, but also the head. Water should have rather high temperatures. Remember that this method is not suitable for diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  3. Have a little sleep. Sleep should be just short. It is enough 15-20 minutes to ease the condition. After that, you can drink a cup of strong coffee and put a cold bandage on the forehead.
  4. Rub whiskey with menthol ointment or pencil. After that tightly bandage your head with a bandage. Be in this condition until the symptoms are completely relieved.
  5. Make a cold bath for hands. The liquid should contain pieces of ice. Only in this case you will achieve the desired effect. Place the hands in the bowl and stay in this position until the water warms up.


How to get rid of unpleasant sensations? You can use simple gymnastics. Effects on the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle can stop pain and can become an excellent prevention of relapse.

Sit on a chair and straighten your back. Tilt your chin to your chest as close as possible. In doing so, you need to feel how the muscles and ligaments of the neck located behind are stretched. Tilt your head to the right. After that, repeat the same movement in the opposite direction. Perform gymnastics slowly and with eyes closed.

Massage the forehead area from the center to the temples. At the same time, make pressure moves. From the temples, draw similar lines to the back of the head. From the back of the neck, massage the head towards the top of the head.

After the gymnastics you need to take a horizontal position and rest a little.

Is it possible to prevent a migraine?

If you do not want to fight the symptoms of the disease, then you should take care of prevention. Of course, you can cure a migraine. How to relieve pain (tablets and non-drug methods) is described above. However, there are a number of rules that, if done, you can minimize the risk of pain:

  • Try to sleep at least 8, but not more than 10 hours a day;
  • Observe the regime of the day (eat at the same time);
  • Avoid the use of prohibited foods (cheese, chocolate, spirits, soda);
  • More often stay in the fresh air (more move and walk);
  • Drink vitamins (it is best to choose a complex of B vitamins, for example, "Neuromultivit", "Magnner", "Magne B6");
  • Avoid stressful situations (use sedatives if necessary);
  • Watch for vascular health (visit the doctor regularly and make an MRI if necessary).

Feedback on treatment

You already know what a migraine is, how to relieve pain. Tablets with this pathology can have different strength of action. One patient is helped by a trivial "Citramon" or "Aspirin". Other patients are forced to take more serious and powerful means.

Doctors say that treatment should always be done. You can not endure such great pain. Some patients require inpatient treatment. There are situations when a person can not cope with the disease on his own. In this case it is worth to visit a doctor and get the appropriate appointment.


So, now you know everything about this disease: the means for migraine, migraine, how to remove the pain. If after treatment the symptoms persist for more than a day, then it is worthwhile to contact the physicians. In some cases, pain may be a sign of a more serious pathology. Also, if the body temperature has risen, it is worth calling an emergency and taking a horizontal position.

Learn to recognize the signs of an early attack. In this case, you will be able to cope with the pain symptom even before its appearance, or to translate the migraine into a lighter form. Get well and be always healthy!

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