Hotel "Tsargrad": reviews, address. Resort Hotel in Moscow Region

The development of hotel business in Russia does not stand still. Just a decade ago, few hotels could offer first-class service, either on the Mediterranean coast or in Europe. Today the situation has radically changed, and even in small towns of our country you are ready to provide clean and comfortable rooms, food and quality service.

Escape from the metropolis

To restore strength and peace of mind, psychologists advise a change in the situation. In anticipation of a great vacation, you can arrange a small respite - for this, it is not necessary to leave far from the capital. In the Moscow region there are wonderful options for the weekend. One of the best, according to the reviews of travelers, is the hotel "Tsargrad".

This is a real resort, which is located on the banks of the Oka. Comfortable rooms, cultural program, sports facilities and entertainment for every taste - here you will like single travelers, noisy companies and families with children.


On the territory of the complex there are several residential buildings, decorated in the subjects of folk crafts: Gzhel, Gorodets and Khokhloma. The hotel consists of 108 rooms of four categories:

- Double standard.

- Junior Suite.

- Romantic suite.

- Suite.

The rooms have everything you need: a climate control system, toiletries, Internet access, a minibar, satellite TV, hairdryer and safe. About the stay in the hotel "Tsargrad" reviews mostly positive. Guests note excellent noise insulation and comfortable beds. The presence of an elevator in the buildings is another plus. From comments - complaints about the quality of cleaning, as well as the condition of individual rooms.

In addition to the buildings on the territory of the hotel there are 16 cottages:

- Cottage standard is designed for six people, the cost of accommodation - from 14 000 rubles per day.

- Cottage with sauna - a maximum of six people, from 17 000 rubles per day.

- Cottage "Fairy Tale" is designed for twenty people, the price - from 90 000 rubles per day.

For rent of individual houses the hotel "Tsargrad" offers for big companies, family holidays, corporate trips to nature and other events.


"Refectory" - the main restaurant in the hotel complex. Depending on the conditions of the reservation, guests can choose the option "breakfast" and "half board". Dinner is paid separately - depending on the number of guests is made in the form of a buffet or set menu. In the warm season there is an open veranda.

Hotel "Tsargrad" reviews recommend primarily for family holidays. Here there is not only entertainment for kids, but also a great children's menu in the restaurant "Refectory". All dishes are prepared for young guests only from organic products from their own farm.

In addition to meals in the main restaurant, guests can taste excellent grilled meats in the colorful Druzhina restaurant or have a cup of coffee with dessert in the lobby bar. In the summer, also runs the beach "Bacardi-bar" and the restaurant "Bazar".

Guest Opinions

Travelers' reviews tell us about the variety of dishes at the Swedish tables, but many do not advise paying extra for the set menu at dinner. Having a children's menu is a huge plus, because some kids are really difficult to feed.

Reviews do not advise to be very late for breakfast and lunch, because there may not be enough dishes and even clean dishes, but this depends on the number of people living. Do not want to have dinner at the hotel "Tsargrad"? Moscow, of course, is far away, and there are enough wonderful cafes and restaurants in the district - you will not just stay hungry. Some guests even use the delivery services of pizza and sushi from Pushchino.


The main advantage of the suburban resort "Tsargrad" is the aqua zone, consisting of three pools:

  1. The main pool with a built-in hot tub - 220 square meters. Meters.
  2. Children's pool with an attraction "Fungus" - 113 square meters. Meters.
  3. The waterlogging basin is 54 square kilometers. Meter.

The water park is two small slides for children, as well as two attractions - the "Eight" and "Free Fall". Ride on adult roller coaster can visitors older than ten years, minimum height - 120 cm, weight - 30 kg.

In summer, guests can sunbathe on the terrace, which offers a magnificent view of the forest and the river.

Wellness & SPA

The thermal complex is the pride of the hotel "Tsargrad". Travelers' comments point out that not all suburban hotels in the suburbs can boast of such a set of relaxing procedures:

- Fir sauna. Branches of coniferous plants and essential oils help to open the respiratory tract, and a temperature of 45 degrees is suitable for the first warm-up.

- Roman bath. Cleansing of the skin and pores is due to the soft steam that literally envelops you. It removes muscle and nervous tension, restores working capacity and improves skin condition.

- Turkish hammam. Humidity of 100% and a temperature of 45 degrees complete the procedure of deep purification. It is not advisable to stay in the hammam for more than 15 minutes.

- Finnish sauna. The temperature of 90 degrees and dry steam help to relax and improve blood circulation throughout the body.

- Salt room. For the decoration of the walls, Himalayan salt is used, and guests sit in comfortable pine chairs during the session. The salt room is indicated for skin diseases and for the prevention of pathology of the respiratory system.

- "Path of impressions". Three kinds of programs with different color accompaniment, sounds, intensity of water flows and temperature.

- Relax. A lounge with comfortable sun loungers, muted light and an ideal air temperature is suitable for a relaxing holiday.

According to reviews, the thermal complex is one of the best in the suburbs. Representatives of the fair sex will certainly appreciate the set of spa procedures, as well as the opportunity to visit a beautician, to do a massage, manicure or pedicure.

For the whole family

Hotel "Tsargrad" (Serpukhov district) is focused on family holidays. A contact zoo, an equestrian club, a games room and a children's club "Star Factory" - for young travelers, it may be even more interesting here than for adults.

Most of the guests are praised by animators and educators in the children's room located on the fifth floor of the main building "Tsargrad". The reviews point out that the kids really do not want to leave. Labyrinth with a ball pool, trampoline, a variety of toys, a living area and everything you need for children's creativity - parents can be calm, because the child is under the care of experienced teachers.

Where is Tsargrad located?

To the country hotel is the easiest way to get there by car - 95 kilometers from MKAD along the Simferopol highway. The track is fast, so the road will not take long.

In addition, by train or bus - to the station "Serpukhov", and then by route number 33 to the stop "Tsargrad".

The Moscow office of the country complex is located at: Varshavskoe shosse, 47, building 4, floor 12. Here you can find out all the information about the booking and pay for the order.

How to save money?

One of the main disadvantages of the country resort "Tsargrad" is the prices. For this reason, most guests try to "catch" discounts on well-known reservation resources or purchase coupons. The most expensive thing to order and pay for rest is through the official site of the hotel.

Travelers, vacationers not the first time in "Tsargrad", talk about their ambiguous impressions. On the one hand, the management is trying to develop the infrastructure: three years ago, guests had no opportunity to visit Wellness & SPA, a contact zoo or a water park. On the other hand, regular guests note the deterioration of service and against this background - an unjustified rise in prices for accommodation. Check-in and check-out take a very long time - you have to wait 30-40 minutes, which indicates the ineffective work of reception staff. The territory is very large and well-groomed, but in the autumn-winter period there is no lighting, and evening walks have to be canceled.

Reviews about the rest in the hotel "Tsargrad" are presented in large numbers, and on many tourist portals the administration of the complex responds to them. It remains to be hoped that all the comments and shortcomings will be taken into account.

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