How to determine which hairstyle with loose hair at the graduation will suit you?

At the prom, every girl dreams of being in the center of attention and looking more spectacular than the rest. A radiant smile, magnificent make-up, stunning outfits will help you achieve the desired result, but only in combination with a stylish and fashionable hairdo. A hairstyle with flowing hair at the prom is just what you need!

Topical Hairstyles 2013

If by nature you have beautiful hair, then this is half the success. But remember that when forming the image, an important role is played by the compatibility of the hairstyle and outfit. Therefore, when styling hair , tell your hairdresser what kind of dress you chose.

The braids. Still relevant?

For girls with chic locks, a hairstyle with flowing hair on the graduation is the most suitable option. And if you have straight hair, the following styling will work for you.

  • First, combing. Next, we separate the strand of hair in the temporal part, after which we divide it and two.
  • Now we form a knot (just tying hair like laces).
  • The upper strand is fixed with a hair clip (we will return to it later). Lower - just omit.
  • Separate the next strand parallel to the first and tie a second knot, gradually moving to another temple.
  • After the nodules are tied, we return to the upper strands: we release the first three from under the hairpins and from the first we begin to weave the braid.
  • We also weave the remaining upper strands in a pigtail.
  • The end of the braid is fixed with the help of invisible and hide under the locks.

So, the hairstyle with the dismissed hair on the graduation party is ready. By the way, if you want, curls can be curled.

Curled hair

Hairstyles with curls and waves always look stylish and fashionable. But when doing this, do not forget about the good fixing agents that will help to save the effect for a long time. If you have a bang, then it will look great with the soft waves that you fasten on the crown.

The image of a doll

Do you have long, thick and silky hair? Then this hairstyle is for you! You can create it with the help of a high fleece and a braid, which is simply braided over the head. Thus hair can be both straight, and curled in ringlets.

Helpful Tips

  • A short haircut or a haircut "page" is best combined with a dress "case" and a tight dress. It is better to completely forget about magnificent skirts. They will only give clumsiness to your image.
  • Hair gathered in bundles, tails and woven into braids, are classic school hairstyles. Therefore, this is also not the best option.
  • Hairstyle with flowing hair at the prom is the most winning option. By the way, this laying can be performed both from curls and curls, and from long straight hair. All options will look great in case they are decorated with rhinestones or a diadem.
  • Girls with a square type of face is better to give preference to an asymmetric bang, and not to an oblique parting.
  • The curls perfectly fit the elongated face.
  • It's better for a girl to give up complex hairstyles. After all, they will give your cheeks even more plumpness.

Graduation hairstyles 2013. Foto

Picking up the styling to your graduation party, remember that it should not only be stylish and fashionable, but also be combined with your style. And do not forget that the hairstyle with straight hair at the prom is the most topical this season.

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