How to curl hair ironing

Many of us have long used hair iron at home in the same way as hair dryers, curlers and hair curlers. This tool, helping to transform, has long ceased to be a privilege only professional stylists, now this is the property of all women. The iron is simply irreplaceable if we need to lay our hair, and it does not matter at all whether they are straight or curly. The rectifier is able to help us, if you need to align, polish, curl or wind hair. In laying, good quality ironing can be used almost unlimitedly. Plait many seem to have been the last century.

How to curl hair iron? To make images that can appear in your head, iron helps us. With him you can make any hair, even at the level of professionals. With the help of this device, you can really create anything: straighten your hair, curl it, make a few curly strands. And then the question arises: how to curl hair iron? In order for the iron to be ironed correctly, you must first prepare the hair. First of all, it is necessary to wash them, treat them with a thermal protective agent, and also prepare the means for fixing, for example, foam.

Knowing how to twist hair with an iron is just part of the job . It is important to protect them. Your hair can be protected by applying a special nourishing cream, and they must be pre-dried. The cream is best used in a warm form, so it is worth warming it in your hands or putting it on the radiator. This method will protect your hair from strong thermal effects. Those women whose hair curls from birth are straight, the curl will give a certain chic.

To curl your hair iron correctly, you must first clamp one strand of hair with a warmed-up appliance. Here the secret is quite simple: the size of the lock depends on the thickness of the lock. Naturally, there are strict rules here. For starters, it's important to remember that the hair should be clamped as close as possible to the roots. The device should be in a strictly vertical position. And most importantly, it must be kept as tight as possible. After the strand is clamped with iron, you need to start the rotational movement, but do not bring it to full speed, so the strands will be wound only on one side. Now you should start not very quickly, but very carefully move the iron to the ends of the hair, without stopping for a second.

You may be troubled by the question: how to curl your hair with an iron, if you want to twist the tips of the hair inside, or do something with the tips of the whole hairstyle? Now you need to hold the iron at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the locks with which you work.

How to curl hair ironing: the main ways

Curl hair ironing can be two main ways. The simplest is to create spirals. To do this, you should hold a bunch of hair a couple of centimeters from the roots, lower the forceps vertically and rotate them in a semicircle so that the strand twists on them a little. Now you need to smoothly move the rectifier to the very end. You can only twist the tips. To do so, just twist the hair only from the middle or below.

Using the second method, you can get classic curls. To do this, you need to grab a piece of hair seven centimeters from the roots, and once the end of the strand is turned around the top plate. Now it is necessary to make a revolution with an iron to the head, screwing the upper part of the beam on it. After that, you can stretch your hair, holding the styler horizontally and not tightening the plates. And when the hair is free, you will get an excellent curl. To make it easier to work with a styler, you can use clamps. Finish the procedure by fixing the hairstyle using a hair spray.

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