How to close roses for the winter: tips of florists

When beautiful roses bloom in a flower garden, I want to extend their life for the longest possible time. To begin with it is necessary to take care of strengthening of plants and increase of their winter hardiness. Only after that you can think about how to close roses for the winter so that they do not die. Advice of experienced gardeners will help beginners to solve this problem easily and from the first time.

We prepare bushes for wintering

Even in early-mid August, you need to carry out various procedures that will help to increase winter hardiness of plants. First of all, it is very important that the bushes stop their growth before the first frost. How to close the roses for the winter, if the preparation starts in the summer? It is necessary to stop making nitrogen fertilizing, which accelerates the vegetation and makes the plant grow heavily. To further slow the development of new kidney-leaves, it is worthwhile to introduce potassium-phosphate fertilizer variants. In addition, such fertilizing contributes to the rapid and adequate aging of the wood.

Young rostochki, having a reddish hue and appearing in September, signal that the plant is in a phase of active growth, when closing roses for wintering is simply useless. To survive the bush, he must accumulate a sufficient amount of nutrients, and the stems must stiffen. If such a situation arises, you need to quickly add a little phosphorus top dressing. All the young shoots turn green and you just need to pinch the top to remove the undesirable growth point. You can leave a few buds. When the seeds start to ripen, it will be clear: it's time to prepare for the winter.

Pruning and sheltering roses

The moisture required for the plant to normal life, very strongly evaporates through the foliage. Therefore, experienced summer residents recommend to break it before the onset of frost. Deciding what and how to close roses for the winter on, you need to pay attention to the timely pruning of the bush. Greenhouse varieties and some hybrid varieties do not cut and do not protect against frost. They bloom only once a season. If we are talking about tea-hybrid, miniature, polyanthus varieties or floribunda roses, all branches should be shortened to half their maximum length. All the lobed species are cut approximately by one third of the length. Small-flowered roses can not be cut, but they necessarily pinch all the growth points.

How to close roses for the winter now and what? Ideal protective material will be ordinary snow: it perfectly retains heat and does not allow shrubs to dry out. As soon as the first winter portion of the "fluff" falls, it must be collected and covered with her garden roses. You can also use pine or spruce lapnik, which is placed under the bush and make from it a small hut on top. Common fir sawdust is often used, they can be bought in horticultural centers. Having enough of this material, you can simply pour a slide directly on the bush.

How to close roses for the winter, if there are no fir trees nearby and snow does not drop out in any way? You can use a special synthetic material, such as agrotex, lutrasil or spunbond. Create a small frame of boards or branches, which simply lay one or two layers of an artificial shelter bought in a garden store. Some summer residents prefer to cover the entire structure with a polyethylene film to protect against rain and excess moisture.

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