How to choose a power supply for a laptop universal

There are two types of chargers: universal , which can be used with different laptops, and original ones designed for a particular PC model. The latter option will cost more, while the laptop power supply universal has a wide range of functions. Before choosing a product, it is necessary to take into account not only its appearance, but also certain characteristics that determine the purpose and user-friendliness of operation.

Universal unit allows you to charge devices of various types, so it took on a special popularity. It is indispensable not only in the office and at home, but also on vacation, when you have to limit yourself to the minimum of things. A car universal power supply for a laptop will be useful even if the original charge is lost, especially given its acceptable cost.

Voltage and power

Most devices have a wide voltage range and support a frequency of 50/60 Hz. They provide charging gadgets in any conditions, even from a portable generator. Also there is an addition in the form of plugs, suitable for various outlets, in particular, for Asian, American and European.

Classic versions have a standard output voltage of 19 watts. And if earlier it was the accepted standard for any laptops, then today there was a need for a different voltage value. This is due to the development of this industry and the emergence of gaming devices and netbooks, for charging which requires 24 or 15 watts. The functionality of the unit depends on the number of voltages supported.

Universal Notebook Power Supply: Features

There are models with the function of automatic voltage detection depending on the power connector of the gadget. This greatly simplifies the use, but there is no possibility of charging the devices when the voltage of the standard of the feeding plug does not match.

The USB port is a very convenient addition, it will allow you to charge phones and players of various manufacturers. It is also possible to equip several power connectors.

Power can be different. This option is selected depending on the existing laptop. For most of the modern devices, 60 watts is enough. When using gaming gadgets and professional monitors, you should pay attention to the power supply for the laptop universal With a power of 90 watts. Charges, the power of which is 120 W, allows you to work with any professional device.

LCD-screen is designed to indicate the voltage present at the output, and reduce the likelihood of damage to the equipment. This is especially important with the support of an extensive voltage spectrum. In this case, if the unit is purchased for a laptop to replace a broken or lost charge, there is no need for such an addition.

The cost of compact models significantly exceeds the price for standard products. For the manufacture of the case, a special plastic is used, which is not subject to combustion and is characterized by antistatic properties. Thus, you can not worry about the safety of operation.

What you need to know

A universal power supply for a laptop may be required in various situations. In this case, it is worthwhile to take care when selecting and building on not only the presence of a large number of connectors. It is necessary to consider the need for mobility and the purpose of use. In the event of a device failure, you first need to find out the source of the problem. Next, disassemble the housing and check the connections. The most common problem is the wire that connects the laptop and the unit. This problem is solved by replacing the connector.


There are models created for travel and almost not taking up space in luggage. Also in the modern market, you can find universal products with a lot of additional functions that are optimally suited for home use and provide charging and power for all available equipment. Particular attention should be paid to the materials of which the power supply for the laptop is universal, and if possible, check before buying. The qualitative device practically does not heat up at use and works absolutely noiselessly.

If you follow the rules of choice, even without specific knowledge, you can find the best option with a suitable value, which will serve for a long time. It is worth noting that the technology can be equipped with a recognition system that blocks third-party devices, including a universal power supply for the laptop. Repairing the charger or purchasing an original product will be the solution if the old device is out of order.

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