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Alex Panin: filmography and biography of the actor

Perhaps, any person who watches Russian TV knows who Aleksei Panin is. Filmography, biography and his frequent appearances in television programs have created him a reputation not only for a talented comedian, but also for an amateur podoboshirit.


In 1977, on September 10, Alexei Panin was born in Moscow, whose filmography today includes dozens of films and serials.

The family of Alexei can be safely classified as a class of intelligentsia, as they would say in Soviet times. His father worked in one of the numerous defense scientific research institutes as an engineer, and her mother successfully made a career in journalism and was the editor of the popular at that time magazine called Nauka.

Despite the strict education that the future actor Aleksei Panin received , his filmography literally replete with the roles of hooligans and bandits. As soon as the boy went to first grade, his mother wrote him in the water polo section, which Alexei visited for 9 years and was even going to devote his life to professional sports.

The nineties came, and already a teenager Panin suddenly abandoned his studies so much that he almost became a repetition. Since then, he had to change several schools for various reasons (once the reason was a portrait of Lenin, damaged after wiping with a wet rag). In full accordance with the spirit of that time, Alexei dreamed of becoming a thief "authority". Perhaps, it was this teenage dream that was reflected in most of the roles of the actor.


Alexei's mother, Tatyana Borisovna Panina, already in three years noticed in her son an actor's talent and prophesied to him in the future no less than the title of People's Artist of the USSR. As a child, he loved to act and organize small performances before the guests of the house.

There is nothing surprising that after leaving school it was my mother who advised him to enter GITIS (then still called RATI). And since Alexey himself did not choose for himself the profession of interest, he listened to his parents' farewell message.

At that time, GITIS was conducting a set of students for the workshop of Spesivtsev. Panin read the newspaper announcement about this and decided to try his hand at it. It turned out that my mother was right about his talent, and with the receipt there were no difficulties.

However, if the further study of the guy went without any problems, it would not be Alexey Panin. His filmography already in the first year was supplemented with an episodic role in the film entitled "Romanovs. Crowned family. " But only to be shot in the movies while studying at GITIS was strictly forbidden, so Alexei was expelled. The following year, he recovered, but again preferred to study shooting, now straight during the session. This time the exception was final.

Carier start

Since 2000, in the credits of many Russian films the name Panin Alexey Vyacheslavovich has appeared. His filmography is full of militants, and films about the war, serials and melodramas.

After the debut of Gleb Panfilov during his training at GITIS, Alexei began to receive many invitations to episodic roles. The audience immediately fell in love with his bright and charismatic Pysu from the series of films "DMB", Ippolit from "Down House".

Thanks to a small, but memorable roles Panin created himself a role of a comedian. However, there are on his account and the main characters, such as energetic White from the comedies "Do not even think" and "Do not even think-2." From this moment, whatever Alexei Panin did, his filmography is full of numerous episodic, bright roles.

Movies about the war

A separate role in Panin's career is the role of Mamochkin in the adaptation of Emmanuel Kazakevich's famous novel Zvezda. For a young actor, it was a huge responsibility not only for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, but also for Nikolai Kryuchkov, who played the same character in 1949.

One of the first films in which Alexei Panin starred was the militant "In August of the 44th". In addition, in the series "Soldiers" he was played by Captain Dubin (however, Alexei himself thinks this role is hack-work).

Career goes uphill

There is also a special one, one that Alexey Panin would sing for himself, and filmography. The list of the best films in which he managed to be removed includes a picture by Roman Balayan "The Night of the Light", "Timur and his Commandos", staged by Igor Maslennikov, and the film "About Love in All Weathers", filmed by Alla Surikova.

Since 2005, Aleksei Panin has been literally hit by a shower of star roles in films of various genres. These are melodramas ("These are all flowers"), criminal comedies ("The Thief", "Blindfits"), dramas ("Theatrical trap", "Pack"), action films ("Mirage"), serials ("And yet I love ") And even historical films (" The Spy ").

And yet about the genre that Alexei Panin prefers, filmography allows you to judge unequivocally - this is certainly a comedy, on the set of which he managed to work with many stars of Russian cinema, for example Svetlana Khodchenkova, Mikhail Galustyan, Lisa Boyarska. Among the last at the moment films with Alexei Panin - "Man from Boulevard des Capucinas", "On treason" and "Rzhevsky against Napoleon".

Personal life

The family life of Alexei Panin confirms his reputation as a bully and a rowdy.

With his cousin, actress and model Julia Yudintseva he met in 2004 in Smolensk, during the film festival. Three years later, their daughter Anya was born, but soon the relationship between Alexei and Julia was fiasco. Although numerous courts decided to leave their daughter with their mother, Anya continues to live with Alexei. Disputes about the communication with the girl do not abate until now and are exacerbated by the scandalous behavior of Alexei.

Later Panin had an affair with Tatiana Savina, from which the actor now also has a daughter Masha.

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