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Richard Wilson - actor and his work

Richard Wilson is an actor and director from Scotland. The most famous of his roles are the images created in the television series "Merlin" and "One foot in the grave." In the first, he played Gaius, in the second Victor Meldru.


In 1936, July 9, actor Wilson Richard was born in Greenock. In his youth, he served in the Medical Corps of the Royal Army. But even earlier there was a childhood. It should be noted that in the early years the future actor lived on Dunlop Street in apartment 141. He has a sister Moira. As a child, she quickly took her brother into their own world of games. They reincarnated in the images of shop owners. The game took place in a wooden barn. Moira and Richard were trained in Sunday school. There was a youth club, as well as a drama club.

As a result, the future actor plunged into the world of amateur performances. At the age of 11, the young man's debut performance took place. In a production called "The Princess and the Pea", he got the role of king. At the same time, the young man wore black sports pants. They were filled with paper and looked like trousers. The young man did not believe in God. He was an incredibly skinny boy. He prayed often that God would help him gain weight, but no one answered the requests. As a result, faith in God was finally undermined.

The boy began to feel somehow wrong. He wanted to be the same as peers, then he would cease to be teased continuously. Just like today, as a child, this person was closed and secretive. Most of the personal time the young man spent in the attic, where he plunged into reading various comic books. When the boy was nine years old, he sheltered the kitten. Toots called it. His cat chose a site under the stairs. He went exclusively on the smell of milk and egg powder. Toots was of great importance for the future actor.

The cat lived to be eighteen years old - very old. But back to Richard. When he was 13 years old, he decided to become an actor. He went to Mabel Irving, a drama teacher in high school. Then she noted that the future actor - the boy is not stupid, but has difficulties with the ability to speak. Richard was depressed, because he decided that he would not become an actor. Instead, he decided to devote himself to activities in the hospital in order to bring relief and good to people. It was in 1953, then he was 17 years old.

However, Richard left school. He armed himself with a Scottish passport and took the train. By that time he was a laboratory assistant at Stobhill Hospital. Two years later the young man moved to Greenock. I started working at the hospital Gateside. This allowed more time to give to the amateur dramatic mug. Then there was the military service, which we already mentioned above. Then he first left the borders of Scotland. The educated officer was invited to join Carey Garrison Theater.

Soon Richard got courage. However, in 1958 he returned home and started working at the Gateshead Hospital. In Greenock everything remained the same, but the man himself has changed.


You already know that Wilson Richard is an actor. His filmography will be given below. In 1984, he played Turton in the film "A trip to India." Further, there was the role of a psychiatrist in the 1987 film "Prick up your ears". In 1989, he played Cloeth in the film "Dry White Season".

Richard Wilson is an actor who embodied the image of John Bristol in the film "How to succeed in advertising." In 1992, played Don Juan Felipe in the film "Columbus, for work!". Richard Wilson is an actor who in 1997 embodied the image of Sir Roger Duggenhurst in the film "A Man Who Knew Too Little". In 1999, he received the role of Ronald in the film "Women's Gossip"


Richard Wilson is an actor who in 1965 played Aian Wilson in Romeo and Juliet. He also took part in the following television projects: "Dangerous person", "Some mothers are born and such babies", "Sherlock Holmes", "One foot in the grave", "Peter Push", "Doctor Who", "Demons" and Merlin.

Interesting Facts

Richard Wilson is an actor who became an associated member of RADA. He is an active supporter of the Labor Party. He served as Rector of the University of Glasgow from 1996 to 1999. He graduated from RADA in 29 years. Before becoming an actor, he worked as a research scientist.

It is known that sister Moira, being in a nightgown, was impatiently waiting for news about the birth of a baby and constantly wondered - sister or brother. Even the exact time of this event is known: at night at 10 o'clock and forty minutes Wilson Richard, an actor, appeared on the light. Photos in his youth are published above.

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