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Award "Nika": the history of the institution, nominees and winners

The "Nika" award is used by the Russian Academy of Cinematographic Sciences in order to celebrate the most successful works of filmmakers. In 2018, the ceremony will be 30 years old. How was this award instituted and who from celebrities received it in recent years?

History of the institution

The "Nika" award is the "child" of the USSR Union of Cinematographers. For the first time the awarding ceremony was held in 1988. Then the record was the film "Repentance" Tengiz Abduladze, who won six figures at once. The award also marked the famous cartoon "Return of the Prodigal Parrot".

The founder and the author of the idea was Julius Guzman. He holds the post of artistic director and permanent show host.

President of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts, whose members define the nominees, at different times were Viktor Merezhko, Eldar Ryazanov, Alexei Batalov. Now this position is occupied by Andrei Konchalovsky.

As for the choice of winners, previously the best of the best determined all the participants of the cinematographic confederation. But in the 90's the voting procedure was changed: it became secret and the number of voters was reduced to a limited group of people. In this regard, many voicing distrust in the choice of winners, because it all depends on several members of the council and the presidium.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Nika turned into a national Russian film award. Where is the "Nika" prize awarded? Every year, the ceremony is held in a new concert hall.

History of the statuette

The author of the award "Nika" is Julius Gusman. But the statue was created by a sculptor named Mikulsky.

For a long time, the organizers could not decide on the design of the award and the name of the project. Eventually, the statuette acquired the shapes of an attractive girl with wings behind her back, and nicknamed her Nika in honor of the famous goddess who gives victory.


The "Nika" award, like any other awards in different years, set its own personal records.

For example, the greatest number of figurines managed to win the films "Taurus" by Alexander Sokurov, "The Horde" by Andrei Proshkin and "It's Hard to Be God" by Alexei Herman.

But the nominations were most received by the paintings "The Horde" and "Leviathan" by Andrei Zvyagintsev: each picture was nominated in 11 categories. Among the record holders is also the film "The Thief" by Pavel Chukhrai, who was nominated for 10 awards, and received 5.

For 6 awards in different years received the following paintings:

  • "Repentance" Abduladze;
  • "Promised Heaven" by Ryazanov;
  • "Caucasian Prisoner" and "Mongol" Bodrov;
  • "Khrustalyov, the car!" Herman;
  • The "Island" of Lungin.

Other actors of the cinema did not lose time. 5 times the operator "Yuri Klimenko, who shot" Space as a presentiment "," Diary of his wife "and" Edge ", carried away the" Nika "prize.

5 times the director Alexander Sokurov received the award for his work in the film "Taurus" and "Faust".

A total of 4 statuettes marked the work of the actor Sergei Garmash. Their actresses such successes can only boast of Nina Ruslanova.

Laureates 2015

The "Nika" award is given annually. In 2015, the "King of the Ball" was the film "It's Hard to Be a God", shot by A. Herman. First, the tape was recognized as the best, in terms of director's work, as well as the artistic qualities of this feature film. Secondly, the costume designer, sound engineer and cameramen who worked on the picture of Herman, also received a statuette. And, of course, the performer of the main role Leonid Yarmolnik also received a cherished award.

The second favorite was the social drama "Leviathan", shot by Zvyagintsev. From the cast of actors, Elena Liadova and Roman Madyanov were the owners of the statuettes. Also, the picture was nominated for 9 more prizes.

Attention to himself was also attracted by the film "Fool" by Yuri Bykov. The tape was dedicated to the memory of the famous director Alexei Balabanov. "Nika" was presented to female performer of the female role of the second plan Daria Moroz, and the director was awarded a figurine for script work.

Laureates 2014

Presentation of the award "Nika" in 2014 was held in the capital's academic theater of the operetta. The ceremony was held just on the eve of the centenary of the birth of the acting actor Vladimir Zeldin, so he received the award in the nomination "Honor and Dignity".

Valeriy Todorovsky was awarded the award for his nostalgic TV series "Thaw", which became a special achievement for the director in the field of television cinematography.

The most successful feature film was recognized as "Geograph Globe Drunk" with Konstantin Khabensky in the title role. But in the nomination dedicated to the best projects of the CIS and Baltic countries, two tapes were immediately singled out: the Crimean-Tatar film "Haytarma" about the fate of the famous pilot Amet-Khan Sultan during the deportation period, as well as the Lithuanian melodrama "Excursion" by Audrius Yuzenas.

The most successful director was recognized Alexander Veledinsky, along with the award was given to the performers of the main roles in his project - Elena Liadova and Konstantin Khabensky.

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