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As one hero of the cartoon said, in order to sell unnecessary, you must first buy this unnecessary. And, how to act in the case when this most unnecessary accumulated in the apartment and forms difficulties? Of course, we need to get rid of this, and with the benefit, that is, to sell. I personally met with a similar need - spare parts from the old PC, clothes that you do not wear now, household appliances that you do not use because of uselessness, and many other things. Here with this luggage I came to the solution of this complexity. Placing an ad in the city's publications and waiting in vain for a couple of months, I realized that this method will not benefit me. So I decided to use online-portals of announcements, which in our days are many. Naturally, I immediately faced with the problem of choice. Here you have to choose between your own comfort and the effectiveness of sales. Thus, it is possible to place a message on a single platform or significantly increase your own chances of success by posting messages on several resources at once. However, here, in addition, we need to take into account a couple of significant points: the attendance of the portal, its credibility among the audience, the territory. Consider any of these nuances separately.
I have learned from my own experience that with all the external and functional details, all the resources of the ads have distinctive features. I said before, if you want to quickly sell unnecessary, consider the popularity of the site and its credibility. It is quite obvious that eminent resources enjoy much greater prestige and relevance than young projects. In addition, an important point - territorial reference. For example, there are sites that sell only within the boundaries of a certain region, and there are those that sell throughout the country. It all depends on you, more precisely on your willingness, if necessary, to transfer the purchased item to a remote area by mail. As can be seen in practice, implementation at the interregional level significantly increases the chances of a swift deal.
In case you need to sell a lot of items in different catalogs, it will be useful to inquire about the limitations. It can often be that the resource administrator sets a limit on the number of products sold for a particular user. This threshold is different. On average, this is 5-10 messages per user. Do not cheat, because you quickly get into the "ban list" of the resource, and in this case, few people will want to deal with you. However, everyone is obliged to do everything necessary for successful implementation. Try to compose an attractive description of the goods: nothing excessive, but with an emphasis on strong qualities. Also, you should make attractive photos that showcase the product in the best way. To do this, do not just choose the right angle, but also prepare a thing for the photo: clean it from dust, find a suitable (better neutral) background. If you do everything exactly as indicated, a successful sale will happen quickly. Do not forget, a good bulletin board, for example, only half the case, the second half of the dacha depends on the efforts and the desire to quickly sell the goods.

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