How to call from the tablet and is it even possible?

Now a lot of people are asking themselves: "How to call from the tablet?" And this is understandable, because such devices are becoming more compact. Seven-inch devices are easily placed in the inner pocket of the jacket. Why not replace the smartphone with them? At least for a while. This idea was visited by everyone who has a small tablet computer. But is this idea feasible? And is it convenient to call from the tablet?


It would seem that the answer to the question "how to call from the tablet" should be very simple. But it is not so. There are many pitfalls here. The tablet computer is very similar to a smartphone. But this is not an over-smartphone, as many believe. 3G-module many such gadgets are present. But remember laptops and netbooks. They also often have a SIM card slot. But you can not call them. Why is that?

You may be wondering about how to call from an Explay tablet or some other one. But no one will give you an exact answer. The fact is that most often tablet computers do not have a GSM-module. Namely, it is necessary for making calls on mobile networks. SIM-card in such devices is installed only to obtain the possibility of access to the Internet. The failure of the GSM module freed up the space for other components to be placed in it. But most often it does not work at all. It turns out a kind of air layer, which helps cool the processor or GPS chip.

The tricks

Do you still have a hint of knowing how to call from the tablet? In principle, you are right, do not despair. Some gadgets are equipped with GSM-module. Especially this applies to older models that were built using smartphone technologies. This is a very joyful news for those wondering how to call from the Lenovo tablet. After all, it was Lenovo that produced several tablet PCs with the ability to call on mobile networks.

Why is the situation changing now?

Gradually, such tablet computers began to produce less and less. It seems that the producers started saving on pennies. GSM-module weighs very little, and its value is calculated in cents. Why did they stop installing it in modern tablets?

Most often, developers simply do not go bother with an extra antenna. The GSM module itself has tiny dimensions. But it has a decent antenna that does not fit in every tablet computer. And it can very badly transmit the signal (because of the aluminum case).

Care about users?

There is an opinion that the waves leaving for mobile towers are dangerous for health. Manufacturers of tablet computers, of course, also own this information. That's why they decided to get rid of the GSM-module. In their opinion, waves with Internet traffic affect human health less. Very controversial statement.

Perhaps the manufacturers, if they were asked how to call from the Lenovo tablet, would have answered with a question to the question: "Why? It's terribly inconvenient!" Say, a seven-inch device even holding in one hand is quite difficult. And if it's still to the ear ... All right, if not for one thing: they forget that there is a speakerphone and a wireless headset. Because of this "care" forums are literally full of questions about how to call from the tablet. Yes, people are very surprised that it's impossible to call from him.

Digital technologies

A small correction. It is impossible to call only through GSM-networks. But nobody canceled all Internet calls! Now there is a mass of Internet services, with which you can call from any device that has a microphone. And it is now available in every tablet computer. The trouble is that the quality of the microphone is sometimes very disappointing. You may be hard to hear that you are calling from under the water. Similar microphones were installed in old cassette audio players. It's amazing that for many years the situation has changed little for the better.

Only the best tablets are equipped with a decent microphone. If you have a medium-price device, then it does not matter. Buy a headset, communicate with it. You can even purchase a wireless model, since almost every tablet computer has a Bluetooth module.

Most Popular Services

To use this or that service, you first need to download its branded application on Google Play or the AppStore. The most popular resource, designed for making Internet calls, is now Skype. It supports video communication, so when you use it you will need a front camera. If it is missing - do not worry, so you will only spend less traffic. One should remember that Skype should not be kept open in the background. Run it only if you are going to call someone. Otherwise, the application will quickly drain the battery.

The other services have not gained much popularity yet. But they still need to be mentioned. First of all, you should not forget about the application Fring, designed for tablets iPad. Among the users of Android-products are well known applications ooVoo and Viber. With their help, you can also talk to your friends and colleagues through a tablet. If you need to call a mobile phone, then the same Skype or Line2 will come to the rescue. However, be prepared to fork out. Both services allow you to call mobile and city numbers for a fee.

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