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How to baptize a child: preparation and rite

Baptism is one of the mysteries that relates man to Christianity. Most people go through it in early childhood. Of course, the little ones themselves can not decide for themselves whether to be baptized or not. Usually parents, grandparents, guardians or other close people insist on this.

At the present time, baptism is also a fashionable trend. But you do not need to make a decision based on this. It is better to wait for the child to grow up and be able to choose whether to pass this sacrament.

If the decision to conduct the rite is taken, then you will reflect on how to properly baptize a child. It is necessary to carefully prepare the child for the sacrament. Preliminary check with the regime of the baby. If the time of baptism coincides with the moment of eating, then take the food with you. It is not allowed that the child was hungry during the sacrament, so be sure to feed him before baptism. Take a bottle of water with you. The kid should not feel any inconvenience.

The godmother and father are necessary for the rite. Approach their choice with special responsibility. It should be borne in mind that the church imposes on the godparents the duty of spiritual education of the child. Therefore, it is not necessary from the mercantile goals to choose relatives and friends as richer for this role.

How to baptize a child correctly and whether it is possible to attend to the sacrament of the mother's mother? The priest after the birth of the baby must conduct a special ceremony on her. If the mother has time to make it before the christening, then she will be able to attend the sacrament.

The appearance of the godparents and parents should be appropriate. Each of them must wear a cross. Women need to wear dresses that should cover the shoulders and knees. It is not recommended to wear pants in church. You should always tie a headscarf on your head. Particular attention should be paid to shoes. Of course, the church does not talk about restrictions on it, but for practical reasons it is not necessary to put on a high heel. Since the process of baptism in the church usually lasts a fairly long time, and the child will be on hand, uncomfortable shoes will cause additional trouble. Clothing men and women should be strict style and calm tone. Irregular in the church is also a bright make-up and a sharp smell of perfume.

The rite of the infant's baptism is usually paid. The godfather must pay for it. Another duty of his is the purchase of a cross-necklace in the case of a ritual of the boy. If a girl is ordained to the sacrament, then this care goes to the godmother. Regardless of the sex of the child, she also buys all the things for the rite.

Consider how to baptize a child, and what things will be needed for the rite. We have already spoken about the cross. It does not matter which metal is made of. Also for baptism you need:

- a small icon of a saint whose name the child wears;

- two towels, one diaper;

- A special shirt for baptism.

In advance, take care of the acquisition of these things. In the church you can only buy a cross. But if you want it to be gold, then get it better in a jewelry store. In the church, crosses made of such metal are usually not sold.

You will also need to buy candles. Find out in advance how many of them you will need. It is better to purchase more candles than then suddenly distracted by the purchase of additional ones.

Many parents think how to baptize a child and capture this event. Fathers react differently to photos and video. Therefore, it is recommended to discuss this matter with the priest in advance. If you received permission to shoot, then do not be intrusive during the rite. Do not disturb the priest and the rest of the audience, trying to capture the process most successfully.

We considered how to baptize a child, but after the ritual, it is also necessary to observe certain rules. Do not celebrate the adoption of the sacrament by drinking alcohol. This is not welcomed by priests. Noisy celebration is also superfluous, because the birth of the spiritual life of the child took place.

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