We renew our wardrobe bolder: a dress-ballon

Spring and summer - this is the period when the soul craves renovation, when you want to change the image, become more interesting and attractive to others. And the change of the usual image necessarily entails the renewal of the wardrobe. And very useful, if among the usual clothes you will have a nice little dress of an unusual style.

A familiar stranger

Among the various models and styles of women's clothing, a special place is taken by a dress-ballon. Despite the technical name, it looks very nice and feminine, sexy and attractive. Invented by the Spanish fashion designer Cristobal Valenciaga in the 50's. Of the last century, it occasionally flies to the peak of popularity, then for a while the passions around calm down, and then reappear in a dress of such a cut in the public becomes almost mandatory for any hardened fashionista.

The secret of the popularity of such attire, as a dress ballon, is explained simply. Firstly, it goes to women of different ages: little girls who begin to blossom adolescent girls, young ladies and ladies, whose age has long and firmly crossed the threshold of Balzac's. The main thing here is a sense of proportion and taste, the correct choice of colors and varieties of style.

Secondly, the figure of the one on which the dress-ballon will be worn, does not necessarily have to be perfectly slender. The peculiarity of the cut of this model lies in the fact that it resembles an hourglass in form : a lush bodice, a narrowed waist and a pompous skirt with a narrowed hem. The standard length of the model is just above the knees. However, there are evening options, when the dress-balloon reaches the floor.

If a woman's chest is very small or just a girl wants to visually look bigger, juicier, it's just such a dress that will help to achieve the desired effect. An extended bodice will make others believe that under it are hidden forms of not less than the third size. But if your breasts are really too big, then you can also hide this little trouble with a balloon dress, or, more precisely, with the features of its cut.

A similar story with a waist and hips. If the girl is thin, the skirt widened in the hips will add a flaw in the volume, and if, on the contrary, the hips are plump - will hide all unnecessary. The waist in the dress of such a silhouette will always be beneficial to seem narrow and slender. By the way, it can be emphasized more effectively by fastening a wide belt or tying the same ribbon. And the belt, and the tape can be the same color with a dress, and can also contrast. A dress-ballon, photos in fashion magazines show this , especially in the second version. But in any case it is very beneficial emphasizes and emphasizes the sex appeal and attractiveness of the female figure.

Buy or sew?

If you decide to acquire a beautiful and elegant new thing, the most difficult thing is to purchase exactly what you need: the size, color and style of the style, in which it will be convenient, comfortable, joyful. For slender, slender or normal growth and build, it will not cause difficulties to go shopping and choose the option to your liking. But women with non-standard figures in this regard are always more difficult. The fashion studio will come to the rescue. Experienced masters will surely get a pattern on the balloon dress, with which they will sew you an outfit for individual order and parameters.

And finally: intending to put on a new thing, it is necessary to take care of additional accessories. Shoes - high heels, especially if your height is medium or slightly lower. Bijouterie - better large beads. Well, a handbag or a clutch.

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