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Consumer loans are the optimal solution for the financing of individuals. The need for money appears often, and it is not always possible to borrow money from acquaintances and relatives. The "Home Credit" bank offers a consumer loan. According to reviews, it is clear that for people there are optimal conditions for receiving money in debt. You just need to familiarize yourself with the requirements and features of the transaction.

Consumer loans can meet the daily needs of people. They are issued for goods and cash, and also transferred to bank cards. They are issued in many banks of the country.

About the Bank

The bank has been actively developing in the Russian market since 2004, when branches were opened in many regions of the country. In each branch there is an opportunity to issue loans and loans. Moving from the principles of the MFI's work, the institution entered the usual banking structure, which widened the scope of its activities. Since 2007, the bank, which has a license, began to attract free finance from the population, making deposits. So it began to develop auto- and mortgage lending.

In the crisis, the peak of which falls on 2009, there was a closure of the programs of many banks, but Home Credit still granted loans to ordinary citizens. This brought great success to the institution. After the crisis, this bank holding became one of the largest. Now its clients are legal entities and individuals.

Work with individuals

Home Credit specializes in lending to individuals. In this case there are several directions, so customers can choose any desired program:

  1. Rapid receipt of funds. For example, you need money for everyday needs, but no personal funds. Then lending with "fast money" will help to eliminate this problem.
  2. To issue a loan for education, treatment, agriculture, housing. Debt will return for several years.

Loan for current needs is 2 types:

  1. Under the goods. An agreement is drawn up, in which monthly payments are indicated. Such loans are registered in the "Eldorado".
  2. Cash on security of property.

Lending terms

To get a loan, you need to contact the Home Credit Bank. A consumer loan, the terms of which are acceptable to people, is issued very quickly. You can apply online or by phone. In the application it is necessary to specify:

  2. Floor.
  3. Date of birth.
  4. Phone.
  5. E-mail.

It should be noted a checkmark about the consent of the client to the processing of personal information, as well as obtaining information from the BCI. The decision on the loan is taken by the Home Credit bank. The consumer credit calculator will help the client calculate the approximate amounts of payments, but the exact data can be provided only after processing the application.

Has a Home Credit bank a loan calculator. Consumer loans should be made after it is calculated. It is important for the client to know about the conditions, rates, monthly payments.


To issue a loan, you must provide a passport. Men under the age of 27 will require a certificate from the military commissariat or military ticket. Additionally, you may need another document:

  1. On the car.
  2. International passport.
  3. Pensioner's ID.
  4. Insurance policy.

In order to issue a loan, the client must provide a document on solvency. It can be:

  • A copy of the statement on the account, in which the income and expenses for the last 3 months are registered;
  • Original PTS;
  • A passport confirming the trip for the last year;
  • Medical policy;
  • CASCO insurance policy.

Offers from the bank

It offers several programs of the bank "Home Credit". A consumer loan can be issued for any of them:

  1. "Big money." Issued up to 500 thousand rubles at 19.9%. The application is considered up to 5 days. Loan term - up to 60 months.
  2. "Pension". It is granted up to 150 thousand rubles at 19.9%. The contract is made up to 48 months.
  3. Refinancing. It is possible to receive up to 500 thousand rubles at 19.9%. The maximum period is 60 months.

There can be individual offers, which the "Home Credit" bank provides to its regular customers. Loans for consumer needs are provided in rubles. Their terms are detailed in the contract.


Depending on the program requirements may vary. But usually clients need to have Russian citizenship, registration, a permanent source of income. Loans are issued to citizens aged 18-68 years.

Preference is given to customers with a positive credit history, as well as those who apply to the bank repeatedly. In each program requirements may differ, so they should be found on the site or in the office of the bank.


To obtain accurate information on the transaction, you should contact the Home Credit Bank. The consumer loan, the interest rate of which for each client may be different, is usually issued from 19.9%. For each borrower the rate will be individual. To learn it, you should contact the Home Credit Bank. A consumer loan, the interest on which is prescribed in the contract, is drawn up quickly.

How much is the application considered?

You can issue a loan in a short time. To apply, you do not need to contact the Home Credit Bank. Consumer loans are issued from the application online. It is considered up to 5 days, but usually for a short time. If the decision is positive, then you can visit the bank to sign the contract.

Loans for goods

Consumers can apply for a loan for household appliances if they turn to large stores. Also they are provided for mobile devices, permits, furniture. The cooperation of the bank with many organizations helped him expand the range of goods that can be loaned.

The process of registration lasts about 0.5 hours. The client is offered a period of 3 to 60 months, and the amount of the loan can be in the range of 1,5 - 850 thousand rubles. To apply for a loan, the borrower must have a stable income and experience from 6 months.

Repayment of a debt

You can return the funds in various ways to the "Home Credit" bank. Consumer loans are usually paid using:

  • Bank cash desks;
  • Terminals;
  • Mail of Russia;
  • Electronic systems "Contact", "Rapida", "Eleksnet";
  • Accounting from work;
  • Bank card.

Many ways allow you to make money without commission or with minimal fees. To prepay the loan ahead of time, it is necessary to apply to the Home Credit Bank. The consumer loan will be closed after the application. You need to find out the balance you should pay. This can be done both in the bank and on the phone. With early repayment, the client will be able to save on interest, as the amount will be recalculated without taking them into account.

Repayment online

Similar to the personal cabinet of other banking organizations is a credit card. With it, you can pay the debt without leaving home. The service will be connected automatically when signing the contract and specifying the phone number.

No passwords are needed to visit your personal cabinet. You can visit him after receiving money. The service will be convenient for people who live far from self-service devices. All necessary information on the transaction is indicated there.


If you plan to travel abroad, it is advisable to deposit several payments in advance. In the period determined by the contract, the funds will be written off. But with early repayment it is necessary to apply to the bank.

Each customer has a single account. If there is an overpayment for one loan, the balance of the funds goes to pay the other. Many customers turn to the bank repeatedly. The client will have a better chance of approving the application with a positive credit history, and if more than 6 months have elapsed since the last loan was issued.

Pros of the bank

Home Credit Bank has the following advantages:

  • Fast registration;
  • flat rate;
  • No bail and guarantors are required;
  • Funds are issued without commissions;
  • The client has a choice of the maturity date;
  • Several payment methods;
  • Connection insurance.

You can find a lot of positive feedback on the bank's loan programs. A lot of clients trust this institution, making out favorable loans in it. Borrowers are satisfied with the absence of commissions, as well as acceptable rates. It is enough to pay the debt in a timely manner, and then the bank will offer favorable terms of cooperation.

Advantages and disadvantages of consumer credit

Before drawing up a loan, you should evaluate the pros and cons of such a transaction. Due to the following advantages, consumer loans are chosen by a lot of people:

  1. Stability. Customers can be assured of the institution, since it has been working for many years.
  2. Available rates. They are determined by the type, term of the loan, and also depend on the collateral.
  3. Early payment service. For early payment of funds there are no commissions and fines.
  4. There are no hidden commissions.
  5. The terms of cooperation are simple.
  6. A loan calculator allows you to calculate the rate, a monthly payment based on your income.
  7. Constant help to customers by telephone inquiry service.

But consumer lending has its drawbacks. Not all are given large sums, since everything depends on income. Consumer credit is a simple way to buy the necessary thing or service. But for this a considerable amount is paid. Therefore, you need to think carefully before signing a contract.

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