Why does not the air conditioner cool down?

Everyone strives to create a comfortable microclimate in his house. Especially it concerns the summer period, when on hot days it is quite difficult to be in a stuffy place. Various means and methods are used for this. To maintain the optimal temperature in the room, many install in their apartments air conditioners and split-systems from different manufacturers. But in the process of these technical devices sometimes there are problems. It can completely or partially fail. The most common problem is that the air conditioner has stopped cooling. According to the majority of specialists such malfunctions arise as a result of improper handling of the equipment, as well as a violation of the operation of the device.

Depending on the failure , you can repair the air conditioning system either independently or by using the services of qualified employees of companies that install and service such devices. For the owners, at least once a year, it is necessary to perform a full cleaning of the air conditioner, this will help to avoid most breakdowns.


But how correctly to establish the presence of such a problem, if it seems that the air conditioning is not cool enough? Appropriate measurements must be made. To solve this problem, the temperature difference at the inlet / outlet of the cooling system is estimated. To do this, you can use a conventional thermometer. The main thing in the process of taking measurements is to ensure that it does not get into the drum of the fan.

The temperature of the incoming air is measured by placing the thermometer above the indoor unit, and blown where the flow is near the open curtain. If the set temperature difference reaches 8-12 degrees and higher, then the operation of the device is optimal. If such a drop is smaller, then it can be diagnosed that the air conditioner does not cool, the reasons must be sought in the device itself.

First of all, it should be noted that installation and installation of split-systems should be handled by qualified specialists. If the fault occurred during the warranty period, it is better to immediately call the installer. If the warranty period has passed - you can try to make repairs on your own.

Typically, the poor operation of the air conditioner for cooling the room is accompanied by various factors, which include the following points.

Dustiness of the shaggy drum and coat

This indicates that the air conditioner does not cool due to contamination of the equipment. Such problems are caused by mud plugging of air filter grids. They are located under the front panel of the indoor unit. Over a huge 30-day period, these elements are very heavily polluted. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the device in a timely manner.

If you ignore these measures, dirt will get between the plates of the heat exchanger, which will affect the movement of the air mass. From the pollution will suffer and the fan. It should only be cleaned by specialists. Over time, when a large layer of dust and dirt settles on the fan, it stops chasing the air. To test its performance, check the air pressure. If it is weak, it's time to call the masters, at the same time they will check and other external sources of air intake. Quite a common reason why the air conditioning does not cool at the beginning of summer is poplar fluff, which blocks the elements of the split system.

Absence of Freon

Any air conditioning system basically contains a special substance - freon. Therefore, the refrigerant is a kind of working medium. During operation, it boils and condenses and thus provides cooling to the interior. For split systems that are installed in apartments, up to 700 grams of Freon are used. If there is no coolant in the device or it is not enough - the air conditioner does not cool in the required mode. The entire split-system consists of an external and internal unit. Between these parts are connected by copper tubes, which are called freon tracks. Installers at the time of installation of the system use nuts and rolling connections.

If the density of these elements is insufficient, Freon will evaporate during the operation of the air conditioner. Also, cracks may appear to be the cause of the leak. They arise from the vibrations of the fan and the compressor. But more often such leakage can be revealed in places of connection of copper tubes to the block of system in case of application of a poor-quality soldering. If this way evaporates about 150 grams of substance, this will significantly affect the performance of the device. The following features indicate the lack of refrigerant:

  • Oil appears on the tubes;
  • The air conditioner does not cool or does not work at full capacity;
  • The hoarfrost appears on the heat exchanger of the indoor unit;
  • The screws on the outdoor unit freeze.

Therefore, when lifting the front panel and removing the air filters, the heat exchanger will not be cold. Its upper part can be covered with hoarfrost. Therefore, to improve the performance of the cooling system, it is necessary to add freon and eliminate the existing leakage. After all, if the system overheats, the compressor may burn.

Too much freon

It must be said that the consumer can face such a problem when the employees of the firm that produce refueling with the cooling liquid of the split system can incorrectly consult it and receive additional funds from the constant filling of the device with freon. In the future, an excess of refrigerant can also cause why the air conditioner does not cool the air. In order to eliminate various leaks of freon, competent employees of specialized firms use special gas analyzers.

Malfunctioning of system elements

As a result of improper maintenance of split systems, the performance was impaired:

  • One of the fans, so do not cool the air conditioning in the apartment. It may not work fully or partially. The problem is fixed only by a qualified technician.
  • A four-way valve. It is located on the outdoor unit and is responsible for switching the heat / cold modes. As a result, its repair or complete replacement is required.

  • The compressor, due to the interturn closure, the holes of the windings on the body, the internal breakage. Also, the heat relay, which is inexpensive, may be damaged. But if the compressor itself is out of order, the repair will not be cheap, maybe it will be necessary to change the entire external unit.

Malfunction of the sensors

The reason why the air conditioner does not cool down may be temperature and pressure sensors, which are completely or partially out of order. As a rule, manufacturers provide for automatic shutdown of the system as a result of failure of these elements. To resume work, the non-working parts must be replaced.

Garbage hose clogging

Sometimes the air conditioner weakly cools because it is required to clean with a vacuum pump of a special hose. In any case, to eliminate this problem, you must use the services of a master.


For the normal functioning of cooling systems, it is necessary to carry out its timely maintenance. In the future, this will avoid various problems. Call the master to clean the whole split-system at least once a year.

If the air conditioner is not cold, first of all it is worth checking the filters, as a rule, this is the most common reason for the failure of such devices. If the period of the service guarantee has not expired, it is better to immediately invite a qualified specialist. In the future, this will avoid additional costs. And timely maintenance of cooling systems will prevent a complete breakdown of the air conditioner. And create the prerequisites for a normal and comfortable stay in the room with the purpose of solving personal and official tasks.

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