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Vladimir Zheleznikov: writer and screenwriter. The Story of "Scarecrow"

Vladimir Zheleznikov is the author of books for children and teenagers. In his works, this writer told about the life of contemporary boys and girls, about the difficult life situations that they fall into. Mutual understanding in relations between people, he attached special importance to his books.

About how Vladimir Zhilinikov became a writer

The biography of this man developed in such a way that he could by no means be a creative person. Zheleznikov was born into a military family in 1925. Parents, as is often the case with representatives of this profession, regularly changed their place of residence. And from a young age, Zheleznikov saw before him the image of a border guard father. No wonder that after graduating from school, the future writer entered the artillery school.

Vladimir Zheleznikov saw so many different cities and settlements in his childhood, he changed friends and classmates so often that this experience, combined with literary abilities, did take his toll. And, being already an adult person, having behind his back a legal education, he entered the Literary Institute. Gorky. Although, in his own words, he began composing long before that, when he was nine years old. It was then that he wrote the first story in his life. But what theme was devoted to this work, and whether it was preserved at all, is unknown.

Why did he write for children?

Why did the son of a soldier, having graduated from an artillery school and received a university education, decided to spend five more years of his life studying at a literary institute? Concerning this circumstance, Vladimir Zheleznikov points out an interesting fact in his memoirs. A writer is not a profession, but a vocation. But one day, back in his youth, Vladimir Karpovich read out his little essay to a very experienced literary man. He criticized the works of an immature prose writer, but nevertheless expressed the opinion that it is possible to learn the writer's case. Truth said professional or not, not so important. But, studying in a literary institute, Vladimir Zheleznikov was forced to work. He found work in the popular children's magazine Murzilka. And it was within the walls of the editorial office of this publication that he found his true vocation. Here one of the best Soviet children's writers began their creative career.

"The colorful story"

Studying at the last year of the institute, Vladimir Zheleznikov published his first collection. The stories were published under the general title "The Colored History". In this book, he first touched on the development of the personality of the child, which in his work was then the basis.

The life principle - to intercede for the weak and always act according to conscience - is reflected in many art works created by Vladimir Zheleznikov. A writer who creates prose for children and adolescents should first of all be able to disclose the problem of the development of the maturing personality. This difficult task to solve Zheleznikov was always masterful.

The instructive prose Zheleznikov

This author can be called a writer for adults and children. The images that are created in his books are complex and vivid. The world of children in the work of Zheleznikov is presented as a kind of semblance of the adult world. Here are the same problems. There is also lack of mutual understanding. Perhaps the children brought up on the stories of Zheleznikov, entering into adulthood, can avoid many moral errors.


Vladimir Zheleznikov is known not only in our country, but also abroad. His books have been translated into many languages. And, no doubt, such an active man could not confine himself to the publication of stories and stories. As a screenwriter, he made his debut in 1974. On the Soviet screens there was a film "Freaks from the fifth class". And after twelve years, together with director Rolan Bykov, the film "Scarecrow" was created, which became one of the best children's films of the Soviet era.

For the scenarios for these two paintings, Zheleznikov was awarded the State Prize.


Children, as you know, are cruel. Anger and injustice give rise to fear. The child is afraid of being different. This important topic is devoted to the work "Scarecrow", which in 1982, wrote Vladimir Zheleznikov. The photo above is a frame from a film based on the story.

Film is still very popular today due to the director's work and excellent cast. But it is worth paying tribute to the author of the story and script. Zheleznikov first raised the theme of child cruelty in such a harsh form. Soviet writers and screenwriters, working before him in this genre, preferred to depict the life of schoolchildren in more iridescent tones.

The children in Zheleznikov's book are absolutely real. They are capable of betrayal, deception and cruelty. But they are good at being kind. For this they lack only mutual understanding. The story "Scarecrow" is a work about good and charity. But it teaches also to be strong, to be able to resist evil. "Now I'm a scientist, I fight back, even when they beat me," says the main character of the book, Lena Bessoltseva.

Vladimir Zheleznikov is a children's writer, whose creativity is interesting and useful for every adult. After all, life values for all ages are one.

The writer created more than twenty works of art. As an author and co-author, he took part in the creation of thirteen films. Since 1988, the writer served as artistic director of the film studio "Globe". He passed away on December 3, 2015. He was buried in Moscow.

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