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Uggi with fur - warm, cozy, stylish

Warm and such cozy boots with fur - uggs - have long and firmly entered our wardrobe. They are really very comfortable. The leg is buried in a fluffy fur lining. Soft suede fabric is not felt at all when walking. A durable EVA rubber sole will not allow moisture to penetrate inside the boots.

Uggs with fur: the history of appearance

Today no one can say with certainty where these wonderful boots appeared. Nowadays, New Zealand and Australia are fighting for the right to be called the pioneer of the popular thing. During the war years they were worn by pilots, and in the twenties of the twentieth century, this footwear became popular with rural Australians. In the sixties of the last century, ugg boots with fur were attracted to surfers.

For several seasons fashionable women from all over the world are happy to wear ugg boots. The popularity of this shoe is explained by a number of reasons: they are universal, practical, convenient, perfectly suited to many kinds of clothes. At first glance, they may seem somewhat clumsy, but many modern stylists claim that the ugg boots must certainly be in the wardrobe of every woman.

Uggs with fur: lineup 2014

This year, designers have tried to do everything possible to make the described shoes become even more popular. Today, the ugg boots have changed a lot. This concerns only their appearance - the materials for their manufacture remained traditional. One of the hits of the new season were camouflage ugg boots with studs and rivets. Naturally, this model will suit very young girls.

For older women, models are offered, decorated with embroidery, sequins, rhinestones, ribbons, belts. Effectively look such boots, decorated with large buttons made of metal or wood. The ugly shorts with fur of rabbit, fox, Arctic fox, effectively framing the boot from above have become very popular. Wishing to give these shoes more femininity, designers created models on a small platform. Despite the changes, it is also ugg boots. Natural fur is successfully used not only for their decoration. A quality sheepskin inside the product will protect you from any frost.

Color spectrum

If before these boots were traditionally produced in black and brown colors, today we are given the opportunity to choose a model from a huge number of colors and shades. So, you can buy ugi of all shades of gray, red, purple, yellow, green and blue colors. In addition, now in vogue leopard and tiger colors.

With what to wear ugg boots in this season

The most common option is with skinny jeans. Look well these boots and with skirts of different lengths (mini, midi, maxi). Putting on ugg boots with a short skirt and a jacket or a sheepskin coat, pick up colored pantyhose without shine of contrasting color. They should be combined with a hat and gloves.

Knitted models

And finally, we will acquaint you with the brightest hit of this season - beautiful knitted variants of this footwear. They are high and low. Pattern and colors are diverse. It's impossible to freeze in such shoes!

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