Priora "Perseus" - a truly worthy choice

Lada Priora in Perseus color - 4-door Class C car according to the international classification - has a body type "sedan" and is designed to carry out trips on roads with a hard surface at an air temperature of -40 ° to + 50 ° C.

Technical features and design

The car "Lada-Priora" has a special system of distributed fuel injection and an injector sixteen-valve engine model VAZ-21126-00 volume of 1.6 liters, located across the engine compartment. The exhaust gas is affected by a catalytic converter built in one unit with a cat collector (exhaust manifold).

The welded construction of the all-metal bearing body firmly holds the hinged doors, front fenders, hood, and the trunk lid.

"Lada-Priora" "Perseus" has in the presence of a driver's seat airbag, optional equipment is available for her front passenger seat; In addition, there are front seat belts that provide additional protection to the head and chest from possible damage during the crash due to load limiters and pretensioners, effectively reducing the likelihood and severity of damage.

Deep and noble color of the body of the Lada-Priora - Perseus - in combination with chrome details emphasizes the modern exterior of the car, truly being his business card. Extremely important for today look impressive shild and metal inserts on the grille in front. Complement the external surroundings of the diffusers on the headlights, and for a brilliant result, you can install new bright lamps.

The variability of the color combination of the body and the metallic shades of the discs will emphasize the individuality of the car. One of the successful options will be the installation of aluminum alloy wheels, the soft gloss of which will come in handy.

Tuning model

Stylish color of the car "Priora" - "Perseus" - requires the installation of the original wheels, because the usual discs here will be inappropriate. The following ways of improving the appearance are recommended:

  • Installation of the deduced "turn signals" in the form of overlays on the side mirrors;
  • Body equipment railing;
  • Replacement of navigation lights;
  • Installation of a new grille and bumper.

Priora "Perseus", photo of which fully reflects the stylish appearance and comfortable interior, will suit business people.

Features of operation

Truly a worthy option for personal travel will be the "Lada-Priora" sedan color "Perseus". It is worth taking into account the small volume of the trunk when using cars as a family vehicle. Excellent for this model for the transport of passengers, sales representatives or as a taxi. The car "Priora" hatchback "Perseus" will provide convenient placement of the oversized cargo due to the larger size of the trunk.

The new Lada Priora car will certainly give its owner a high social status, which is an indisputable argument in favor of its acquisition. Great design combined with tuning elements at low cost - and the buyer becomes the owner of this representative car.

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