Holidays in Yalta: reviews

Even foreigners leave the rest of the holiday in Yalta reviews of the most positive nature. Of course, the service of the Crimean resorts differs from any other, especially the European one and, frankly, leaves much to be desired. However, this city is for those who go to rest for sensations, contemplation of a unique nature, Ukrainian mentality. However, even the most fastidious will find here for themselves comfortable accommodation.

Before discussing the vacation in Yalta, discussing, we will determine what kind of place it is on the South Coast. It turns out that Yalta - not the southernmost cape, so here are their cold currents, in June it is almost impossible to swim. Fortunately, from strong winds, the pearl of the Crimea is protected by a ridge of rocky mountains. Beauty Ai-Petri - the most famous peak of the peninsula - hangs over Yalta. You can get there by using the cable car from Miskhor. In general, the Yalta territory includes a huge coastal strip from Foros to Gurzuf, consisting of small settlements and sanatoriums.

Rest in Yalta, feedback on the climate is tuned to a positive mood, it is possible in both summer and winter. The air from the mountains is strikingly unique. Summer is hot here, but tolerable thanks to the shady parks and tropical plantations. The beaches are stone, they heat up quickly, but each of them is equipped with a tent. And those few islets of the "wild beach" that have remained are captivating those wishing to bask in the sunny expanse of the coast. By the way, precipitation year round is quite sparing, if in the summer rare drops of rain fall on the tans - this is considered a blessing.

Where to live in Yalta?

Bathing holidays in Yalta reviews gets even brighter - in fact the beaches here, unlike other areas of the Crimea, are perfectly equipped. Warm sea, full service of rental of water bicycles and mattresses, comfortable beds, clean coastal strip. The bathing season begins in May-June and lasts until October. But coming here at the height of the rest (in July-August), guests often overpay for housing. Even the private sector at this time is not below the hotel megacities.

It is in this city that the largest hotel of the peninsula is located, here parks are adorned with centuries-old plantations, among which Pushkin and Chekhov walked, and annually - Philip Kirkorov himself. Therefore hotels in Yalta have the right to cost exorbitantly.

Those wishing to get a decent level of service should take note five-star villas - for example, "Elena", book a room in which even more difficult than a place in Monte Carlo. Here and its spa resort, and private parking, and a lot of domestic entertainment - like a small Italy in the heart of Yalta. On the waterfront is the legendary "Oreanda", known since the Soviet times "Yalta-Intourist", as well as aristocratic "Bristol". But is it worth paying that kind of money for a vacation at a domestic resort, if for that amount you can easily fly to Crete?

The ideal choice is to rent an apartment in Yalta. And the price will depend both on the distance to the beach, and on the number of people living in the apartment. For example, a two-room apartment, located 500 meters from the sea with a renovated junior suite for two, will cost about 30 euros per day, and if you add two more, you may require an additional 10 euros per seat.

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