Lake Sladkoe and its natural heritage

In the Chelyabinsk region there is Lake Sladkoe. Despite its small size, every summer a lot of tourists come here. What attracts a large number of tourists?

Description of the lake

Lake Sladkoe is located in the Chelyabinsk region in the Oktyabrsky district. From Chelyabinsk to the pond is 180 km. Three kilometers from the lake is the village of Kocherdyk.

As already mentioned, the size of the lake is small, its area is 0.32 km 2 . It is also shallow, with an average depth ranging from 1 to 1.5 meters. In the deepest place only 1.8 m.

In the lake there is no living creature, no fish, no small organisms, no algae. Reeds grow along the coast, but birds do not want to build their houses there. On the shore and the nearest territory, birches and pines grow sparingly, but a huge forest grows a little farther north and east, in which you can pick berries or mushrooms. Also in these places was found a penetrating onion, which is considered a fairly rare plant.

Lake Sladkoe (Chelyabinsk region) and its environs belong to the Kocherdyk reserve. Also in autumn in 1987 it was called a hydrological natural monument of regional importance.

Features of the lake

This small pond is located in the basin of a suffosive origin and is located among the sedimentary continental rocks. It is possible that Sladkoe is the remnant of an ancient lake, which in its time was much larger, but during evaporation it accumulated a large number of salts. The salt composition of this water is more alkaline. But Lake Sladkoe also has another peculiarity: there are mineral muds on its bottom, which have a curative effect. According to its genesis, this soda-type water body is very similar to the lakes in the Altai and Kulundy.

Every tourist pays attention to the fact that the shore of the lake is white. This phenomenon is explained by the abundant deposition of mineral salts. Also, local water contains a large amount of alkali, and that's why it seems too soft.

The water was sampled, it turned out that the liter contained 124.8 mg of mineral salts. The predominant were sodium, boron, chlorine, hydrocarbonate, salicylic acid, and other salts.

Healing properties

Considering such a composition of the lake water, Sweet is extremely popular. People regularly come to its shores not only from the region, but from other countries. The lake generously endows all guests with health. Water and lake mud have a healing effect, increase the human immunity, eliminate inflammation and accelerate the tightening of wounds. If there are diseases in the oral cavity, they can be solved on this lake. But the most successful here is the treatment of skin problems. That is why in the summer season on the banks wanders many vacationers in the mud.

Healing waters and mud help people cope with allergies, bowel diseases, stomach, musculoskeletal system, with periodontitis, hair diseases, etc.

Recreation centers

Since the lake has a small size, there are almost no sanatoriums and boarding houses on it. Only on one shore there is a recreation center. Lake Sladkoe mostly takes tourists, vacationers "savage". The existing complex is the former sanatorium "Beryozka", now called the recreation center "Sladkoe". It includes several single-storey houses made of wood. The conditions in the rooms are ordinary, not designed for special extra conveniences.

On the base there is a sandy beach with rest facilities. Also there is a low dining room, accommodating 80 guests at a time. There is a cafe-bar in the territory, which has TV, karaoke and parties. For leisure, guests are provided with a volleyball court, billiards, table tennis, dry bath (large and small), 2 pontoons, a children's playground, barbecue areas and arbours. You can also rent a boat. If visitors come by car, parking is provided for them. Check in time is at 18.00, and check out time is 16.00.

How the lake Sladkoe (Chelyabinsk region) is used incorrectly

Bases of rest are only on one side of the reservoir, here you can economically spend your rest and get better. At the same time on the other shore in the hot season tourists come who want to live longer and do not pay anything for it. Therefore, almost all summer there is a tent city here - some leave, others take their place. Such unorganized tourism has led to the fact that the territory becomes unsightly. People do not want to clean up garbage, go to the toilet "where they have to," light up fires, but for this purpose, the birch copse is thoughtlessly cut down, also leaving home, they collect dirt "in reserve". Greedy entrepreneurs also export curative riches.

Because of such selfish use, Lake Sladkoe tends to become a heap of garbage every year. Even in Soviet times this place was recognized as curative. But the authorities decided not to build sanatoriums, since the resources of this reservoir are limited. Today, this area lacks such a wise owner, who could take control of the use of resources.

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