Goat mask. How to make your own hands?

Are you going to prepare your child for a New Year's holiday or just for a performance? Or maybe you're going to attend a themed party or a Halloween party? Then it is quite possible that you will have to find a suitable suit for yourself or your child. In this article we will talk about how to create a goat mask. It's quite easy to make this interesting element of the costume. There are several options for creating this mask, and we will consider only a few of them.

The most simple goat mask of paper

If you do not have time at all or simply lack material, then you can make a goat mask out of plain paper and colored pencils. It is best to take the paper thick, otherwise the mask will quickly die. First draw a goat's head on paper. For this purpose, an ordinary sheet measuring twenty by thirty centimeters is quite suitable. Then paint your head in black and white or brownish-white. Label the nose and the contours of the eyes. Then cut out the mask, leave the slits for the eyes. On both sides of the mask, glue the ropes, with which you can fasten the mask on your head or yourself. By the way, the ropes can be replaced with a simple rubber band. If you made a mask out of simple thin paper, then it is better to paste it on the cardboard.

How to make your own hand a goat mask made of felt

A goat mask made of felt will look a little prettier. But it will cost more than a product made of plain paper. You will need gray, pink and white felt, a needle, an elastic band, white and black threads. Also, buy sharp scissors.

First, draw a template on the paper of the muzzle, nose and ears of the goat. Cut them out. Then use these patterns to cut out the white muzzle of the goat, pink nose and white ears. For the horns, prepare two triangular gray pieces of felt. If you want the mask to be rigid, then you have to paste the felt on the cardboard. In addition, to the goat mask is not crumpled, it is better to buy a hard felt three to four millimeters thick. Sew your nose and ears to the head of a goat. From the gray triangular pieces of felt, form horns and also sew to the head. Then from the black threads make the big eyelashes. Take the elastic (preferably black) and sew a small piece to the wrong side of the mask. Do not forget to measure the required length of the gum beforehand. Now you know how the goat's head is made.

Mask made of polymer clay and other materials

If you do not like the previous options, then you can make a mask of more expensive materials - polymer clay, real wool and acrylic paints. In addition, you will have to find the real animal horns. First, buy polymer clay. One mask will take about three hundred to four hundred grams of plastic. If you do not find the real horns of a goat, then you will have to mold them out of clay. And then the material will need about twice as much.

First, blind the mask of the goat itself. You have to follow not only the front side, but also the inside, as it will directly adjoin your face. Wool can be painted with a needle or toothpick. After you have dazzled the mask, it should be baked in the oven. The baking of such a large product will take about half an hour, or even an hour. Then let the mask cool right in the oven. Do not get it ahead of time, otherwise it may break. Then, using small pieces of clay, stick the horns and bake them again. Allow the product to cool and remove it from the oven. Then tint the grooves of the coat with acrylic paint - black, white or brown. Then use glue to attach a coat to the mask. If desired, the mask can be varnished.

A simpler version

If you do not want to spend a lot of polymer clay, you can make a mask of papier mache. This is the most inexpensive option. First you will need to model a mask from simple plasticine, then glue it with pieces of paper and glue PVA. You need to make several layers - from three to ten. The number of layers depends on the thickness of the paper. After drying, allow the mask to dry and then gently sand it. Remove all plasticine and paint the mask with acrylic paints. The product is ready! If desired, it can be varnished.

Goat's mask on the head of a real skull

Anyone who likes everything unusual, beautiful and inexpensive, can try to make a mask from a real goat skull. You will have to order the skull of an animal from people who are engaged in taxidermy. When ordering, you will have to clarify the purpose for which such an item is purchased. Then you will clean out the vault of the skull so that the head can fit into it. Of course, such a product will be very expensive. Please note that the size should be selected immediately. As a rule, goats have small heads, and finding a suitable skull will be difficult. Moreover, such a goat mask can also be used as an unusual piece of furniture.

So you found out how the goat mask is made with your own hands. We hope that our article was useful for you, and you can easily make yourself this attribute for the holiday.

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