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How does the bookmaker work? What is a bookmaker's office and how to beat it

Almost all novice players who are just learning betting are asked the question: "What is a bookmaker office and can it be beaten?" We confidently answer: "Yes!" There are players who have regular income from their rates. But they are only 2%. The remaining 98% remain at a loss. Why is that? It's simple. 2% of successful players understand that there is not one desire for earnings. To begin with, you need to thoroughly study the theory, and then show zeal, resourcefulness and discipline. Only then will there be a profit. 98% of the players of this either do not understand, or do not know. In this article we will find out what a bookmaker is. Also tell you how to win it.

Betting from the inside

First, answer the question: "Bookmaker office - what is it?" This organization is betting on various events with players. It is designed in such a way that it will always make a profit. And for her not important winnings and losses of players. The main thing is to give the right odds on the events. As we said above, the majority of players who do not even ask themselves the question: "Bookmaker office - what is it?", Still lose. And the remaining 2% organization is not against paying.

Three betting whales

So, you got the answer to the question: "Bookmaker's office - what's this?" Let's find out how to win it. Stable earnings on the rates are based on three whales of professional betting: capital management, analytics and analysis of rates. We will analyze them in order.

1. Management of capital

Its essence is that you need to determine for yourself the amount that you can spend on bets during the season. Consider it as an investment in business. The loss of this money should not cause you any discomfort. It is also necessary to determine in advance what percentage of the winnings you will withdraw. You can not chaotically withdraw funds from the deposit for current needs.

2. Analytics

The bookmaker office allows you to bet on different sports, but you must choose only one for yourself. The main thing is to understand it well. Although the beginner will have enough and superficial knowledge. Over time, your analytical abilities will improve. We do not recommend spraying on several sports. It will not lead to anything good.

3. Analysis of rates

It is very important to analyze your bids. This will help correct the game strategy and avoid mistakes in the future.

Sport forecast

You have learned three main rules for successful betting. Now let's talk about the three components of a good sports forecast. This is statistics, analytics and intuition.

1. Statistics

To compile a sports forecast, you need a reference point. Players who know what a bookmaker office is most often choosing as a starting point game statistics. It helps to objectively assess the strength of teams or individual players. But do not go deep into it. The most valuable statistics for the last 4-5 games. There are also some nuances in the analysis of certain sports. For example, in football it is important to compare the composition indicated in the statistics and the composition selected for the game in the upcoming event. By the way, bookmakers when setting out the coefficients are repelled precisely from the statistical indicators. And the more accurate the kefs, the more they earn. In this regard, the organization "Olympus" (bookmaker office in Kazakhstan) works very well.

2. Analytics

This is the main term determining the correctness of the forecast. An analysis of the event involves considering factors that affect the outcome of the game. They are divided into two types: indirect and direct. The first are various circumstances that indirectly affect the outcome of an event. For example: a sharp change of weather, the behavior of fans, trauma, etc. They are almost impossible to predict, therefore, when making the forecast, it is not necessary to take these factors into account. Much more interesting is the second type - direct. This information should be included in its own forecasts.

What concerns direct factors? This state of players before the game (well-being and their strengths), morale, motivation, traumatic danger (players with injuries), interpersonal relations of team members, etc.

3. Intuition

All professional bettors have well-developed intuition. They only need to look at the line provided by the bookmaker (rates in it vary from 1 to 10 000 000 rubles), and they can indirectly determine the outcome of the event. Therefore, listen to the inner voice. On the other hand, you do not need to obey him blindly. It is necessary to consider intuition only as the final touch of your prediction. With experience, it will develop steadily. This can be noticed after the first 100 forecasts. Certainly there will be situations when you find an event in the line with good coefficients and a clearly predictable outcome. In this case, the inner voice will call you not to bet. Listen to it and give up your intentions!


We hope you will not have any more questions: "Bookmaker's office - what's this?" Use the information in the article and place your bets on your permanent income. Good luck!

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