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Lessons from practical astrology: how do Taurus and Cancers get along together

Do you remember the ancient legend of the gods who were angry with the whole human race? Oh, and it was for that! People imagined themselves to be all-powerful, all-powerful, stopped paying attention to their idols. Without asking their will and advice, they created families, built houses, cultivated land, developed crafts. The gods were angry, very much. Divided into punishment of people in half, like apples. And since then we have been wandering around the world, trying to find the only ones that our mates are. And more and more we turn our eyes to the sky, trying to determine the correctness of our path through the intricate pattern of constellations.

Why the union is possible

The heroes of our article are Taurus and Cancer. It seems that the signs are completely different: one terrestrial, another watery, the first quick-tempered and emotional, the second quite reserved and correct. However, the representatives of both constellations have many more points of contact than it seems at first glance. Firstly, Taurus and Cancer are very thoughtful and thorough people. They will well calculate and verify how best to approach this or that matter, how to solve it to their own benefit and pleasure. The proverb about "seven times measure, and one - cut" refers to both of them equally. Secondly, practicality, economy, economy. Union, which includes Taurus and Cancers, in this regard is simply ideal.

Both signs tend to a well-to-do life, a stable, comfortable old age. They are very hardworking and are ready to work a lot, productively - naturally, with adequate payment. In the house, in the family of Taurus and Raki bear every penny, try to improve the life, make your hearth really warm, cozy, comfortable. Representatives of these signs love their home, their house is their fortress! And in this issue, as in many others, they are looking in one direction!

Interpersonal relationships

Particularly harmonious will be the relationship of Taurus and Cancer, when the role of Taurus is a woman. Why? Because the men of this sign, though reliable, hard-working, are often very intolerant, quick-tempered, even rude. It is difficult to cope with them then, appealing to reason is useless. Especially if it's about jealousy. In addition, representatives of the strong half of humanity are very sexy, with a high level of libido.

But female Taurus are more balanced, flexible, calm. These are the classical keeper of the hearth, the mother of the family. They know how to be a hetaera in the bedroom, which is very appreciated by the sexually anxious man-Cancer. In the living room, they reincarnate in secular ladies, which again Cancer can not help but notice, because he lives with a clear claim to aestheticism. Well, in the kitchen, the lady-Taurus is able to replace one dozen cooks. And this, you will agree, is a rare talent!

Stumbling blocks

What can Cancer and Taurus love its cloud? The women who are governed by the watermark, despite all their increased sexuality, are very clenched (in the framework of decency, moral and ethical prohibitions, etc.), which causes quite strong protest from their hot partners. However, Telchihs are also dissatisfied with their Cancer-lords. As a result, the spouses begin to look around with interest and even change each other. True, since they are the very halves of the whole, about which we wrote above, they quickly understand this and return to their spouses. Sincerely love children, and those - them. And live together to a deep happy old age.

Here is an eternal fairy tale about the love of Cancers and Taurus.

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