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Gel from cockroaches "Global": the principle of action and feedback

Cockroaches are especially prolific and tenacious insects, which are difficult to breed. Get rid of them will help "Global" - a contact insecticide of a new generation. It is capable of killing parasites in a short period of time. Produces a gel from cockroaches "Global" Germany. This country has proved itself in the world market, thanks to high-quality products.

Gel from cockroaches "Global": a general characteristic

Many books have already been written about the ways of fighting cockroaches . However, progress does not stand still, thanks to which German scientists developed the newest means for effective destruction of parasites. It is a gel from cockroaches "Global", which is favorably different from the means of the last century. The basis of the drug is the active component chlorpyrisphorus, which is referred to as contact insecticides.

The agent from cockroaches is issued in the form of a gel, which is characterized by increased efficiency, because it acts as a contact. Has the ability to use in hard-to-reach places. The gel also contains special additives. They prevent rapid drying of the drug and serve as bait for pests. The volume of tubes in which the gel is produced from cockroaches "Global" is 100 g and 75 g.

How does the drug work?

Gel from cockroaches "Global" - the best way to combat crawling insects in a person's home for today. The drug is designed in such a way that the insect, when in contact with the poison, dies not immediately, but carries bits of poison, infecting its relatives. Due to this, several infected individuals are capable of destroying a sufficiently large population. In this case, the gel from the cockroaches "Global" is absolutely safe for humans and pets. The developers proved the harmlessness of the means by carrying out the appropriate tests even before the drug was put into production.

Chlorpyrifos - the main component of the drug - is one of the neuron-paralytic poisons. Once inside the pest, it blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, causing muscle paralysis. The death of insects occurs within two days, which is enough to infect a large population.

Main advantages

Gel from cockroaches "Global" has a number of advantages over other means for the destruction of insects:

  • Direction of action on direct destruction of cockroaches.
  • The death of pests occurs within 48 hours.
  • Easy application in hard-to-reach places.
  • Mass destruction. One infected individual can cause a real cockroach epidemic.
  • Duration of action. The drug does not dry out under the influence of sunlight, retaining its properties for a month.
  • Wide range of action. Together with cockroaches, the facility destroys flies and bedbugs.
  • Lack of smell.
  • Hypoallergenicity.
  • High quality and efficiency.

Ways of processing the room

Before use, the gel from the cockroaches "Global" is recommended to warm up. To do this, the tube with the preparation is slightly mashed in the palms. After such simple manipulations the product acquires good plasticity, due to which ease of application is ensured. You can process rooms with the drug in two ways:

  1. Identify the places of the greatest accumulation of cockroaches and process them. To do this, apply a few drops of gel with an interval of 10-20 cm, squeezing it out of the tube. Cockroaches prefer moist warm places with dim lighting. They like to hide behind furniture, in cracks on walls, floors and skirting boards, in door frames, near plumbing and water pipes. And the ants are laying paths to any open products, especially sweet and having a strong smell.
  2. Use special substrates for the preparation. You can buy or make them yourself by cutting paper strips. On the substrates dotted with a gel and put into places most suitable for pest habitat.

After applying the drug will work for about a month, continuing to destroy the Prusak. One quality treatment is usually enough to clean the house of insects. However, manufacturers recommend that repeated activities be performed after 2-3 weeks to fix the effect and infect the newly hatched generation.

Drug consumption

Gel from cockroaches "Global" (75 g) is designed for treatment of a room area of 50-70 m 2 . One tube for this will be enough. However, with a large number of insects, it is recommended to increase the consumption twice. The drug is suitable for processing both residential and industrial premises. Gel from cockroaches "Global" has established itself as an effective and economical means, thanks to which it gained popularity among consumers.

What is the average price of the gel and where can I buy it?

Effective means "Global" - a gel from cockroaches - Moscow and regions are implemented everywhere. To date, buy the drug will not be difficult. Gel is sold in retail outlets of household chemicals (Artplast, All for Cleaning, Freedom, etc.) and in specialized online stores. When buying the drug "with hands" in private individuals, there is a risk of acquiring a substandard counterfeit product. The quality of the product is indicated by the availability of a certificate and a special holographic sticker on the package. Such a sticker ensures that this is a real German product.

Also pay attention to the cost of the gel "Global". Although the price can vary significantly (from 150 to 250 rubles per tube 75 g), a cheap tool is likely to be counterfeit. The popularity of a quality German product contributes to the emergence of a huge number of fakes. When buying through the online store, you can also require a quality certificate, which is sent as a scanned copy. The cost of the drug on the Web is usually lower than the market price and often depends on the location of the supplier, the volume of the order. It is also necessary to take into account the costs of forwarding and courier services.

Precautionary measures

Due to the fact that the active ingredient contained in the gel has a low concentration, it is not capable of damaging the health of humans and pets. If you adhere to the instructions and apply the product correctly, it will not provoke allergy and irritation of the skin. Gel from cockroaches "Global" is completely non-toxic. Even with accidental ingestion of pets in the digestive system, it does not cause intoxication and poisoning of the body. Despite the harmlessness, the drug is recommended to be stored in places inaccessible to children and animals, separately from food and medical products. And when using, wear gloves. If the product gets on your skin, wash your hands with soap and water.

Customer Reviews

Those who often face such a problem, know a lot of tools designed to combat pests. Gel "Global" from cockroaches, reviews of which are very flattering, takes one of the first places among popular drugs. Buyers praise the tool not only for high effectiveness in fighting pests, but also note the absence of a sharp chemical smell, allergic reactions in case of accidental contact. In addition, consumers note the availability of gel, the price of which does not deplete the family budget.

In the fight against such parasites as cockroaches, one should adhere to the elementary rule - to maintain the cleanliness of the premises. If the apartment has garbage and untidy food leftovers, then any remedy will be powerless. The greatest effectiveness can be achieved by attaching neighbors to the fight against insects in apartment buildings, so that pests do not return to the apartment from neighboring premises.

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