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Gagarin district (Sevastopol): basic information, population, economy, culture

Sevastopol is a large sea and fishing port located on the Crimean peninsula. It covers an area of about 850 km 2 , and if you take into account the bays, then this figure increases to 1,080 km 2 . At the beginning of 2016 the city is territorially divided into four administrative districts, modern boundaries of which were established in 1977 by the city executive committee (Sevastopol):

  • The Gagarin district is the largest in terms of population, it consists of one municipal district.
  • Leninsky occupies the last place in terms of area, in terms of population - the second one, and includes one municipal district.
  • Nakhimovsky district is on the third place in terms of area and population. It includes four municipal districts.
  • Balaklava is the largest in terms of area, but the smallest in terms of population. There are four municipal districts in the district.

This article will describe the Gagarin district (Sevastopol). The reader will be able to find information on economic and cultural development, population and other important information. But first let's get acquainted with the city itself.

Briefly about Sevastopol

The heroic city of Sevastopol is located in the south-western part of the peninsula of Crimea. The basis of the settlement is considered to be 1783. From a small seaside fortress formed a large industrial city, a port, a resort. The name in Greek means "highly respected, holy city". In this place the navy of the Black Sea is stationed. The population is more than 416 thousand people. It is distributed unevenly across regions:

  • Balaklava - about 48.2 thousand people;
  • Nakhimovsky - 111.1 thousand people;
  • Leninsky - more than 112.2 thousand people;
  • Gagarinsky district (Sevastopol) - 144.7 thousand people.

The climate on the Mediterranean coast, in the foothills of the sea is moderately continental.

In July 1942, Sevastopol was captured by the fascists, in May 1944, liberated from the enemy. The feat of the inhabitants, soldiers and sailors is highly appreciated by the appropriated title of the hero city.

Sevastopol is a seaside, very beautiful, developing city. Here is built the largest entertainment center, attracting thousands of tourists. Pleasing to the eye are the sights: the diorama - the picturesque painting "The Assault of the Sapun Mountains on May 7, 1944", the Panorama Museum "The Defense of Sevastopol 1854-1855", the monument to Nakhimov, the St. Vladimir Church, Malakhov Kurgan, the embankment of Balaklava, Cape Fiolent.

Gagarin district: basic information

So, having become acquainted with the city, you can begin to describe the most populous Gagarin district (Sevastopol). His education was approved by decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1975. It is subordinate to the city council. The territory of the region is more than 60 km 2 . It is divided into 18 microdistricts.

On three sides (western, southern and northern) the area is washed by the Black Sea. The coastline has an impressive length, which is almost 44 km.

The districts of Gagarinsky are divided into streets. In total there are a little less than 100 in the region. The status of the main lines is 15.


Gagarinsky district of the city of Sevastopol inhabits more than 144 thousand people (data from 2016). In January 2015, there was a census of the population, according to which the population of the district was less than about 7 thousand people. (137.7 thousand), and by November this figure exceeded the mark of 143,000. During 2014, the number of residents of this area also changed several times: in March - about 124 thousand people, in October - 136 thousand people.

According to these data, a significant increase can be traced - the population has increased by approximately 20,000 in three years.

Economic development and governance

In Gagarin district there are large enterprises that play an important role in the development of the economy of the entire peninsula. Especially worth highlight those that specialize in fishing. No less significant are the research institutes, organizations of the construction industry, radio electronics plants and others.

More than 180 shops, canteens, cafes, restaurants and other catering establishments represent the trading area of this region. There are 12 markets and almost the same number of outlets.

Department of Gagarin district (Sevastopol) - the executive body, which manages the said territory on behalf of the state power. It has coordinating, executive-administrative and control powers. It is located on the Prospect of the October Revolution, in building No. 8. The following issues will help to solve here: social, economic, cultural, housing and communal services, landscaping.

Culture and Education

Gagarin district (Sevastopol) - a place where there are four higher educational institutions, one technical school and four schools. There are 14 schools and more than 20 kindergartens. Total housing fund of the district is 1184 houses.

The main attraction of Gagarin district is "Chersonese Tavrichesky". This is a national nature reserve. In total there are more than 100 archaeological monuments, about 10 historical and, of course, those dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

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