Furacilin alcohol. How to properly dig in furatsilinovy alcohol?

Furacilin is a known remedy that is often used in otitis media. It has antimicrobial, antibacterial properties, can be produced in different forms. The most common tablets and alcohol furatsilinovy.

Structure of the preparation

The alcoholic solution of furacilin is a liquid of yellow color. The main active component - furatsilin - has a broad antimicrobial effect. It helps to change the proteins of cells, which leads to their death. It should be noted that the drug is active against streptococci, staphylococci, salmonella bacteria, etc. In addition, the use of this drug enhances phagocytosis. Virtually every pharmacy can buy furatsilin, the price of tablets is 90-100 rubles. With their help, a solution is prepared for external use. By the way, pills furatsilina accepted and inside with other diseases. Furacil alcohol can be less common. Its price is also available - about 70 rubles.

When do you use furatsilin?

Indications for the use of furatsilina are small skin lesions, cuts, purulent wounds. Good results show the drug for burns, bedsores, gingivitis and stomatitis. Furacil alcohol is often used in the ear. The instruction to the preparation also indicates that the solution is effective for conjunctivitis, urinary tract infection, tonsillitis. Another area of application is frostbite of the second or third degree. It is worth noting that with angina often rinsed throats with furatsilinom. In this case, the tablets, powdered into powder, and directly alcohol furatsilinovy fit. Very often an alcohol solution is used in cosmetology. In particular, with its help disinfect and dry the skin of the face with acne eruptions.

Furacil alcohol. Instructions for use

For irrigation of various wounds and application of dressings an alcoholic solution of furacilin is used. When stomatitis is recommended to burn the wound itself with this remedy. To do this, the cotton swab is moistened in alcohol solution and carefully blot out the formed sore. Simultaneously, this procedure will remove the plaque. A large number of patients claim that such treatment brings the desired effect quickly enough. With furunculosis make special lotions and compresses. Purulent sore throat is a rather unpleasant and dangerous disease. In this case, to facilitate the condition will help furatsilinovy alcohol. The instruction says that you can use both tablets and alcohol solution. The latter must be diluted in warm water (about one tablespoon of the remedy). When the throat is rinsed with such a solution, the bacteria will be washed off, and the inflamed nasopharyngeal surface will be efficiently and quickly restored. Otitis also shows the use of furacilin.

Otitis. Characteristics of the disease

Otitis is a disease often caused by pathogenic bacteria. It can arise from the ingress of moisture into the ear, with human hypothermia, and also as a complication after other diseases. In this condition, patients complain of earache, hearing loss, the temperature may rise. Also, you can sometimes see special discharge from the ears. It is not uncommon for a situation where the disease passes by itself and does not require active treatment. In such cases, it is possible to significantly alleviate the patient's condition using furacilin alcohol. It is worth noting that therapy using this drug is shown even to children, pregnant women. However, first of all, a consultation of an otolaryngologist is necessary, one should not engage in self-medication. The main danger of furacilin solution is possible allergic reactions, the presence of alcohol can damage the delicate skin of children.

Furacil alcohol in the ear. Instructions

In inflammatory processes in the ears, the solution of furacilin is instilled directly into the ear canal itself. For adults, the dosage is approximately 5 drops in each ear. However, before the procedure, the preparation should be warmed to room temperature. You can do this: draw a solution in the pipette and hold it in your hand until it warms up. And you can put the bottle in warm water. If the tympanic membrane is damaged, such drops are not recommended, since the procedure is guaranteed to bring unpleasant feelings to the patient. Bury the ears 3 times a day, then the auditory passage should be closed with a piece of cotton wool. This will additionally contribute to warming up. Duration of treatment is individual. Most unpleasant symptoms disappear after 3-5 days. With external otitis, it is also possible to prepare a mixture of furacilin alcohol and white vinegar. These ingredients must be taken in equal proportions. The mixture is poured into the ear (about 5 ml), then the head is tilted to allow the liquid to flow out. Thus, the growth of fungi, bacteria is prevented, the ear is well drained.

Alcohol solution of furacilin for children. How to apply correctly?

Some specialists allow the instillation of an alcohol solution of furacilin in the child's ears. The recommended dose is one or two drops. However, it is safer to use turuns. Wadded or gauze tows moistened with a tool and put into your ears for half an hour. This procedure is repeated up to 3 times a day. If furatsilinovy alcohol is used in the ear, the instruction focuses on the fact that it should be warm. The doctor should indicate the timing of such treatment for babies. When purulent otitis use furatsilin not recommended.

Can I prepare alcoholic infusion at home

Most often in pharmacies there is a tableted furatsilin. The price is available, it is an excellent basis for the preparation of alcohol solution, which can not be found ready-made. To prepare the solution at home, you need to take three tablets of furatsilina and grind them into powder. Then the resulting substance is dissolved in 70% alcohol. Medical alcohol has a strength of about 96%, so it must first be diluted with water in certain proportions. It should be noted that furatsilin is heavily soluble, so the container with liquid must be shaken thoroughly for some time. It is permissible to form sediment at the bottom of the container. Using alcohol furatsilinovy, you should remember some contraindications to its use. First of all, this is the third trimester of pregnancy, hepatic and renal insufficiency, sensitivity to nitrofuran. In most cases, the drug is well tolerated and does not cause any side effects. It has excellent antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, is rapidly eliminated from the body.

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