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Exercises for feet at home

As soon as the cold season comes, we lead a less mobile way of life. This is natural, but the lower part of our torso suffers from passivity. From this, we can only get rid of fitness. You can do it both in the hall and not leaving the house.

In modern life, fitness is becoming more popular and popular. Turns into a lifestyle. With its help you can not only strengthen your health, but also lose the negative, thereby restore the normal emotional state. As noted above, if for some reason you do not want to go to a fitness club, a gym, you can do leg exercises at home, exercises for the hips and buttocks.

Here, for example, the exercise is familiar to all from childhood - jumping rope. It allows you to train different muscles. But first you need to choose the size for yourself. To do this, stand on the middle of the rope, pulling it. Its ends must reach the underarms. Then that's your size.

You can jump differently: on two legs, on one, legs together, legs apart, turn your feet then to the right, then to the left, etc. These are very useful exercises for the feet at home.

Here is one more exercise available to all, replacing the step-simulator. This is a refusal to use the elevator. Rise and go down from the floor to the floor better on the steps. The advantages of this exercise is that it is free and does not require special skills. It can be done by anyone.

It was summer. And in order not to feel uncomfortable because of your extra pounds, you need to start working on yourself right now. Plus, to refuse to absorb food in large quantities. Everywhere try to observe the measure. At least three times a week to do exercises for the feet and priests. Even if you are all right with the figure, classes will only benefit. They will help keep muscles toned. Let others envy.

If you do not work on the hips and buttocks, very soon they may lose their shape. This should not be allowed. Therefore, we offer your attention exercises that are specifically aimed at the buttocks, on this group of muscles.

You need to sit on a chair, on the edge, feet apart, take a book or some other thing and hold it between your knees. After a minute, relax. Perform this exercise you need ten times.

Get on your knees on the floor, hands on your waist, crouch then on one side, then the other. At first, this exercise will not seem easy, but afterwards you will be able to do it without much effort.

We grasp one knee, then another. Pull to the chest. And so on five times with each leg.

Do not forget about the traditional torso of the trunk, favorably affecting the hips.

Exercises for feet at home

If you want your legs to remain slim, elastic, then you definitely need to include one more in your complex of exercises.

You need to stand on the floor on your left knee, while leaning on your left arm. The right hand should be on the right thigh. Then, you need to pull out your right foot, lower it, but not to the floor, but to ten centimeters. You immediately feel how muscles strain. Do this exercise, pulling one leg, then the other. If you perform it at least a couple of times a week, the result will be in a month. This exercise for the legs of cellulite will easily.

Exercises for calves are just necessary to make your knives look "chiselled".

We rise on socks, hands on a belt. We walk on socks with small steps around the room. You need to do about eight steps at a time.

Stand on your heels, hands on your waist. Heels in position together, socks apart. Rolling from heels to socks. But do not shift the socks. They must remain in their original position. Exercise is performed fifteen times.

We stand on toes, hands on the waist and squat. We do this exercise fifteen times too.

These simple and affordable leg exercises at home will help keep them in shape if you regularly work on yourself. At first you can feel the pain in the muscles, but later unpleasant sensations will go away, and after three or four weeks the result will be noticeable.

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