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Delicious homemade sausages, cooking recipes

Currently, on the shelves in a wide range of different sausage and meat products are presented, however, what can be better and tastier than home-made sausages, whose recipes are available by composition and method of preparation not only to the villagers, but also to the inhabitants of megacities.

One of the best options will be to take the pork neck, as a result, the finished product will turn out to be the most juicy and fragrant. In addition, the shell will need porcine intestines, which are found on the market now is not difficult. In the case when other meat is taken, it is recommended to add a little fat to it (cutting the crust from below). Despite the fact that you can grind the pork in a meat grinder, it is better to cut it into small pieces, otherwise part of the taste, characteristic of the home-made sausage, can get lost. After this, salt, pepper, chopped garlic and bay leaves (finely ground) are added here. If desired, you can take additional spices to taste. Minced well mixes. To the touch, it should not be dry, so it is recommended to add boiled water in small portions until it becomes the desired consistency (slightly viscous). Next, guts are taken. Most often they are sold peeled and salted, so it's enough just to soak them for a while in cold water. Fresh ones need to be cleaned well (this can be done with the blunt side of the knife).

Since homemade sausages, recipes of which are quite diverse, can have a different form, there are no special recommendations. At the end of the pig intestine knotted, then stuffed into it. To do this, you can use a special nozzle on the meat grinder, if not, then a confectionery syringe or just gently do it with your hands. Too tightly packed is not worth it, because during cooking the product may burst. Thus it is necessary to try, that there was less air in a stuffing. To get rid of it to the end, the sausages are pierced with a needle in several places. After a short distance, home-made sausages, recipes of which are not difficult even for beginners, are twisted in such a way that small products are produced that will be convenient when divided into portions. Since the length of the gut can be different, the last manipulation may not be necessary.

After that the sausages are put for half an hour in boiling water, pulled out, fried in a frying pan. You can put them in the fridge instead of frying, where they can be stored for up to three days, or in the freezer, where storage is increased up to a month.

There are many disputes about how to make homemade sausage. If you do not want to search for intestines, then you can use ready-made packets, which are sold in stores. Most often, they have two compartments, one of which contains an edible shell, and the other contains spices. In this case, you just need minced meat. In addition to pork, you can take poultry meat, then homemade chicken sausage is prepared much faster. The bird fillet is cut into small pieces, spices are added, sliced onions, salt. Minced meat is mixed and refueled in the gut or special edible shell.

Instead of frying, you can bake sausages in the oven, take this process for about an hour and a half, depending on the characteristics of the oven. Special dish does not require this dish, most often it uses garlic, pepper, bay leaf. Some believe that it is necessary to add minced meat or chopped onions to minced meat. Indeed, so the meat product will turn out juicier, but it is not an obligatory ingredient.

When baking or frying to determine whether the home-made sausage, the recipes of which are described above, is ready, its appearance will help. Ready-to-eat sausages have a gentle golden hue.

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