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Crystal Clear Water is the Key of Health. Bsl Honey 1.

The world around us, at first glance, seems very complicated. But this is only at first glance. In fact, in nature everything is arranged very simply and rationally. And as a person is a part of this vast natural environment, its interconnection with it also presents a very simple structure. Our body needs several vitally important conditions to maintain it in a healthy, efficient and protected from adverse environmental conditions. This is the availability of clean air, clean water and clean, healthy food. If you have these ingredients, you will feel great. This, probably, everyone noticed on his example, when he went on vacation to areas with clean air, crystal clear water and healthy food. It did not take a week, how you got back to normal pressure, you got better, and you forgot about the pills you took with you ... Why is this happening?

Air and nutrition from these three factors are very important. But the most important factor is the factor of clean drinking water, since it is with water and its derivatives that all the harmful components that it received are breathed out of the human body, breathing dirty air and consuming poor-quality food. Crystal clear water is the key to health . Drinking the necessary amount of drinking unboiled water, which depends on the age of the person and his weight, you ensure the uninterrupted operation of all vital organs of the human body, the correct metabolism, which is perfectly visible even with a cursory glance at the person on the condition of the skin of the face and hands. The vital indicators of clean drinking water are its oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), acid-base balance (pH), pure natural structure and, of course, the absence of physical and chemical impurities in it, including pesticides, salts of heavy metals, E. In tap water, and in many artesian wells, not to mention some fake bottled waters (in which tap water is often pumped) of these vital signs listed in the quantities that the body needs, you will not find it. Therefore, there is a need to clean drinking water with various filters - Barrier or Brit, devices where electrochemical purification of water occurs - BSL MED 1 - water for health , and others. The correct choice of the cleaning device depends only on you, make no mistake! You can choose BSL MED 1, or another, in your opinion, a water purification device. After all, crystal clear water is the key to health and longevity. Drink clean drinking water in sufficient quantity and be healthy!

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