Costume for the autumn ball for the girl: how to become the queen of the ball

Autumn Ball is a beautiful tradition, which has recently been introduced in kindergartens, schools and even higher education institutions. To this day they prepare in advance, as for graduation. Among other concerns, the most important, perhaps, is the choice of attire. It is especially difficult for women of fashion. After all, not only that the costume for an autumn ball for a girl should match the theme, since girls from an early age inherent desire to stand out, excel, be the most charming and attractive. Senior students can pick out the outfit for themselves, and the choice for very young ladies lies on the shoulders of the parents. So, what should be the suit for the autumn ball for the girl?

First, let's pay attention to the color. Naturally, all the colors of the golden beauty will be appropriate: yellow, purple, brown, orange, terracotta, red, beige, peach. The fabric can be plain or patterned. It is better to choose vegetable or animal designs.

As for the finish and style, they will depend on the role of the participant of the evening. For example, in high school, a girl can be just a guest at a ball, in younger grades and in a kindergarten, whole performances with the participation of gifts of autumn are held, often costume contests for different ages are also arranged.

The image of the senior pupil

The guest of the ball is more free in choosing a dress. She can choose any evening dress of the right color. We need only remember that it should not be too short or open, that is, challenging. You can supplement it with suitable accessories. Ribbons in hair or bezel, decorated with berries, flowers or leaves. Of shoes - ballet shoes or classic shoes. They can be black or brown, and can become a bright accent in the whole image. Large earrings, bracelets and rings. Accessories can be quite a lot, because it's an evening outfit.

The costume for the autumn ball for the girl participating in the contest for the best outfit, gives space for creativity and imagination. The most popular are lush long dresses. On them will be a winning finish. It's hardly possible to buy a ready-made outfit. In the store you can buy only a basic dress, and the decorative elements will have to think through yourself. Here you can apply anything you like. Traditional elements: leaves, branches of mountain ash, autumn flowers, ears. You can prepare the herbarium in advance, but you can cut it all out of paper, sew or tie it. As a headdress will be appropriate wreath of leaves or spikelets.

What to do with the baby?

Thinking children's costumes for an autumn ball for junior classes or preschools, parents need to find out from the teacher details of the upcoming holiday: will there be a costume show, active games, dances. Typically, educators and teachers themselves prompt ideas, depending on the planned scenario. The outfit should not constrain the movements of the baby. It is not necessary, for example, to sew a cumbersome, three-dimensional suit of carrots and stuff it with cotton. Enough to pick up orange panties, the same color blouse and complement such a suit for the autumn ball for the girl with a green hat that mimics the tops.

Despite the fact that the holiday is autumnal and the weather is not at all summer, it should be borne in mind that the baby usually does not miss, and therefore the outfit should be light enough that the child is not hot during the games and dances.

If you put a fantasy and a bit of skill, building a suit for the autumn ball, a photo of a happy girl who won the competition and eclipsed all the girlfriends, will long please all the household.

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