Converter: what is this? The main types of transformations.

Any computer user, one way or another, came across such a notion as a "converter". This is due to the fact that some file formats are incompatible with each other, and they need to be converted during the work process for easy reading or editing. Further, the basic principles of the operation of such programs will be considered, taking into account the specific field of application.

Converter: what is this? General concepts

For any kind of files, not including some system components of the OS itself, there is an association with the software environment in which they were created, where you can view their contents or make changes by editing. Executable EXE files are not taken into account, since such components themselves are programs.

But what is the concept of converting and, in particular, the converter program? This is a universal means of converting one format to another. There are certain technologies that allow you to change the contents of a file, but only if the search and destination files belong to the same category. For example: text files TXT or documents Word file converter in PDF can produce quite elementary. It is not possible to convert an audio or video file into a text format.

Converter of formats: main types of programs

This type of software is designed to perform simple operations to change the original format. If you understand, the editors that make up any office suite are also converters. In Word editor, the file can be saved not only in the "native" DOC (or DOCX) format, but also use TXT, PDF, HTML, etc.

However, the essence of using converter programs is to change the format of the source file to another in the absence of an application that opens it, to reduce the size or ease of editing. In fact, any archiver can be called a converter.

On this basis, we can distinguish several main areas in which applications of this direction are divided into several types:

  • Text (TXT, DOC, PDF, etc.);
  • Multimedia (graphics, sound, video);
  • Databases and spreadsheets (DB, DBF, XLS, etc.);
  • Cross-conversion programs (for example, PDF to XLS).

Process conversion formats

The converter itself is a means of converting data that does not differ from one another.

Why do video converters work in audio? Just because in any video there is a sound represented by an audio track of a certain format. There is nothing easier than to remove the video and leave only sound.

Text files are even easier. You can make the conversion yourself. Take the text from the PDF file, copy it and paste it into Notepad. Next, extract it from there and paste it into Word. Simple and convenient. Another thing is the graphics present. This way it will not be copied. But the process of converting allows you to save it in its original form (as if the picture was inserted in the same Word editor).

As an example, only a small part of the application areas of this type of software are listed, because to date the range of capabilities of these applications is so huge that it is simply impossible to describe everything in one material.

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