Comfortable and warm clutch for hands on a stroller

You got a crumb in your family, and walks with a sidecar in the open air have become your daily but pleasant duty. In the warm season you do not interfere. You feel comfortable and ready to walk for hours. And what to do in the winter, when even 30 minutes in the frost can create the impression that you are freezing to the stroller. An excellent solution to the problem will be a clutch for the hands on the stroller. It will help you warm, protect from the piercing wind and turn the walk with the baby into pleasure.

How to make such a thing necessary for every mother? In fact, it's very simple. You can choose the most suitable option for yourself. The clutch for the hands on the stroller can be sewn from natural or artificial fur, plaschevki with an interlayer of sintepon or downy interlayer. It is not so important, than it will be warmed. Your main task is to create the most comfortable conditions for your pens during winter walks.

Even if sewing is not your hobby. You will still be able to do such a necessary thing without too much effort, like a hand clutch on a stroller. But your source material will be a cut of genuine leather with fur. Cutting out the back of the old and out of fashion sheepskin rectangle with a size of 45x40 centimeters, you will get a ready basic part. Fold it in half, wrapping around the handle of the stroller, mark the location of the buttons or buttons on the sides.

It will be enough just two buttons to fix the clutch on the handle and close your handles on the sides. If you put the buttons is a problem, sew on the buttons. Hinges for them can simply be cut into the skin and swept by hand or made from small pieces of elastic braid. To do this, it is required to puncture the small holes in the pre-marked areas with an awl, pierce a piece of gum folded in half and tie a knot on the wrong side. Are you afraid that the rubber loop will slip? Instead of a knot, make a few fixing stitches.

The clutch for the stroller is almost ready. It remains to connect the center, so that it does not slide down and tightly grasp your hands, located on the handle of the stroller. Using buttons for this purpose is the simplest and most reliable. You can make a slotted buttonhole and attach the buttons, or sew a small strip of adhesive tape.

An excellent accessory will be a sleeve clutch made of artificial fur, a synthetic foam and a raincoat. A big plus of this model is good air permeability and heat transfer, protection from moisture and simplicity in washing. A wide range of colors will help you choose the right color for your stroller.

A simple pattern of a hand clutch on a wheelchair is a rectangle with dimensions of 50x60 centimeters. To save material, you can sew it in two parts. In this case, it is enough to buy strips with a width of 30 centimeters.

We cut out the double parts with dimensions of 30x50 centimeters from fur, sintepon and raincoat. Sew them in a single piece, folding the blanks inwards and inserting a line at a distance of one centimeter from the cut.

Synthepon enough to overlap each other, stepping only 1.5 centimeters and stitching, pre-laying a strip of paper on top and bottom. This is done so that the fibers of the sintepon glide well over the surface of the sewing machine, do not get stuck and keep the shape. After the seam is laid, you simply tear off the paper.

On the details of the raincoat, you will need to build an additional finishing line. To do this, we join the parts with a seam, stepping back one centimeter from the edge. We turn the allowance to either side and, retreating from the junction of 1-2 millimeters, we spread through the front side of the part.

Now we connect the sintepon with the cloak. Fold the details, fix them with sewing needles and connect them with several lines, plotting them in random order. After that, we put the finished part with the fur blank face inward and connect it with a stitch, retreating one centimeter in all sections. Do not forget to leave a small open area. We turn the coupling and straighten all corners. Using the needle, straighten the fur from the joints. Open the site sewn by hand.

Fold the finished base in half and outline the location of the buttons on the side slices and the middle. We install them and enjoy using the finished clutch while walking with the baby.

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