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Choosing a yogurt girl

Most of us have yogurt in their diet.

Yogurt is a source of calcium, which is so necessary for our bone system. The champion of yogurt production is Finland, which accounts for about 37% of the world's turnover, while Finns themselves consume the most yogurt in the world (35 kg per year).

Preparation of yogurt at home was made possible with the advent of a special technique - yogurt. With its help, you can prepare a treat for the whole family liters.

In order for this process to meet your expectations and yogurt was delicious, you need to know how to choose such an aggregate. You can find a variety of yogurt models on the site

Http://www.aport.ru/, where you can compare models by price and specifications. But before that, let's figure out what's most important in a household appliance for making yogurt.


Choose a technique for this parameter is almost meaningless, since it works after turning on for only an hour, after which, thanks to thermally insulating walls, the required temperature level for the ferment is maintained. For example, if you have a choice between a 15 and 20 watt yogurt, there is no significant difference, and this indicator will not affect the consumption of electricity. There are models of higher power (above 100 W), but taking into account the fact that the equipment works for about 60 minutes, you can easily buy a high-power yogurt.

Container for yoghurt

Yogurt containers are of two kinds, glass and plastic. Many are afraid of plastic because it can release harmful substances during heat treatment. The plastic used in the food industry is harmless. But those who do not believe in these "tales", of course, it is better to choose a glass container. However, you should warn that glass containers are very often beat, and it is often impossible to find identical cups.

Also, the yoghurt container is different in volume. There are two options: 6-8 jars with a capacity of 150-200 ml or 1 large pot with a capacity of 1-1.5 liters. To advise something concrete does not make sense, since everything depends on habits, on individual preferences. Portion jars are convenient, if there are several people in the family, one large capacity is beneficial, if you do not want to bother with several jars.

Method of management

To control yogurtnitsy very often used a mechanical timer, less often electronic. Also there is a control of the button or fork (plug into the socket to start work and take out for finishing). Preferably there will be a variant with a timer, so that the operating time can be adjusted.

Automatic shutdown

The function "Automatic shutdown" is completed with expensive models, but its availability simplifies operation. It is not uncommon for people to forget about the preparation of yogurt, to overdo it - as a result, yogurt does not work, they throw off the tasteless. There are models with automatic shutdown: this is a useful feature, especially if there are small children in the house, which can be awakened even by a whisper, not to mention a loud sound signal. But still, many will like the model with sound notification of the completion of the preparation of milk delicacy.

Additional Features

Additional functions make the operation convenient. Among them:

  • · Compartment for the cord;
  • · Labeling of jars (not to forget the date of preparation);
  • · Additional containers for yogurt (to prepare two servings of yogurt alternately).


And now about the companies that produce yogurt. Among the companies that supply this household equipment to the market, there are both known and unfamiliar brands. Among the popular ones is Tefal, but the products of this brand are quite expensive. Less expensive products of companies such as Orion, Ariete and Vinis. Models of these brands can be found for 20-30 dollars.

Before buying a yogurt girl, read the reviews: there are models that are heated to a temperature of +50 degrees Celsius, at which bacteria for the yoghurt starter will die, and the benefits of this product is reduced. Also take into account the dimensions of the technique: it is highly desirable that it stand still when leaven of yogurt. And if yogurtnitsa interferes, it will shift constantly, then the product will not be ideal.

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