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Drill for metal stepwise: advantages, features of choice and use

Each master in the arsenal should have a drill, with which he can make holes in wood, plastic, concrete or metal. There are many varieties of drills that are used for a particular job. They have certain characteristics. For example, a stepped metal drill not only has an unusual shape, but is also very effective.

Advantages of the product

Among the positive qualities of this accessory are the following:

- high accuracy. Thanks to the special design of the drill, you can safely make a hole, while you do not need to be afraid that the center will shift;

- possibility of working with thin metal;

- accuracy;

- functionality. Due to the special structure, a single metal drill bit is capable of making holes of different diameters;

- the possibility of working with corrugated board, thin plastic and wood;

- the product can easily and accurately remove the bevel;

- there is no need to replace the element, if you need to make holes of different diameters.

How to choose the presented product?

In principle, a stepped metal drill is not so difficult to choose. It does not have any special features. Naturally, during the purchase it is desirable to follow the quality of the product. To do this, ask the seller for the products.

Naturally, it is necessary to take into account the maximum diameter of the drill, as well as the pitch of the steps. If you constantly use a drill, pay attention to the sets of accessories presented. One such kit will be required for you for all occasions.

It is also necessary to take into account the material for the manufacture of these elements. Pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer. Drill for metal stepped should be of high quality. Otherwise, it will break very soon or work badly. Another important criterion of choice is the cost of the product. It ranges between 18-85 dollars apiece. During the purchase, pay attention to the presence of flats on the shank. Thanks to them, the chucks of the cartridge will not slide and the drill will not scroll.

How correctly to use the presented accessory?

Despite a fairly simple design, a stepped metal drill is preferably used correctly in work. Please note that the presented accessory is fragile enough, therefore it can be easily broken. To prevent this from happening, keep the drill strictly perpendicular to the machined surface.

A stepped metal drill bit is not difficult to use. However, during operation, monitor the speed of the device. The higher their number per minute, the smaller the diameter of the drill should be used. It is best to use a drill-mixer, which has a low speed of rotation. At the same time, it is impossible for the device to overheat. To do this, try not to press on it strongly. Also for this purpose, you can use a conventional screwdriver.

Mark the hole size on the surface to be treated with a marker. Thus, it will be easier for you to choose the required drill diameter. In principle, these are all the rules for operating the presented accessory.

Drill cone stepped metal - this is a very effective tool for processing material, which will quickly and accurately make holes of the required diameter.

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