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Horror movies about children that are worth seeing

Some psychologists believe that different horror films about children, vampires, witches and goblins have a positive effect on the psyche. Others, on the contrary, say that such a movie is harmful. After all, it promotes the emergence of phobias. Despite this, many people enjoy watching horror films about children, monsters and others with great pleasure. After all, the plot in such paintings is very interesting, exciting and, of course, frightening. In this article, we describe not one horror film about children, ghosts, but several.

"Good Son"

One of the best pictures of this series is "Good Son". She appeared on screens in 1993 and talks about the boy-douche who was very fond of playing, however, like all children. But the final was always fatal.

The games are so coolly arranged that the beloved sister and parents do not suspect that their sweet little son inside is a real devil! He always thirsts for blood. But suddenly a cousin comes, and plans begin to crumble, as to share their entertainment "boy-dandelion" is not going to.

"Silent Hill"

Continuing to describe horror movies about children, let's talk about another horrible picture - "Silent Hill" (2006). The plot line is built on the mother's misfortune, which can not find a cure for a sick daughter.

Her disease is kept secret. And in the hospital, where psychiatrists will take care of her, the girl can not be placed categorically. Mothers have to go to the city, which is constantly dreaming of her daughter - Silent Hill.

The spouse, sensing the wrong, discourages the woman, but all in vain. At the entrance to the city, they get into an accident when the mother comes to, and there is no daughter.

Together with a woman from the police, she begins to look for a daughter who is connected with the secret of this terrible city.


A fascinating series continues the horror film about the killer children "Doll". The story of Ted Henley, who lives with his father at the hotel on an abandoned stretch of road. The father works by collecting garbage, gets his pennies. Ted knows how to make more money ...

"Let me in"

What other horror films about children? For example, the picture "Let me in" (2008). In a small village near Stockholm, lives Oscar, 12 years old to him. At school and in the courtyard above him, he is constantly mocked, and at night he draws revenge on his offenders in a notebook: he ties them together, sucks blood, or breaks bones. One day a new girl appears in the yard, which looks like two drops to him: the same offenders, the same problems. And then Oscar falls in love, but the girl thirsts for blood ...

"Kiss Mommy for the Night" and "Unborn"

What other deserve attention films of horror about child killers? For example, the picture "Kiss Mom at Night" is fascinating and does not let go until the very end. Also interesting is the film "Unborn." The story of the girl that her mother left. The girl hated her for a long time.

But after the mother committed suicide, her daughter suffered for a long time. After a while the girl understood why the mother did exactly that. Soon, strange visions begin to haunt her. She also learns that she had a twin brother who died in the womb. After this, the girl turns to the exorcist for help.

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