Biography of Arutyunov Alexander Ivanovich - the famous neurosurgeon of the USSR

Alexander Ivanovich Arutyunov is a well-known surgeon of the Soviet period. He was the director of such educational institutions as: the Institute of Neurosurgery of the Ukrainian SSR (from 1950 to 1964) and the NN Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery (from 1964 to 1975). Also, Alexander Ivanovich Arutyunov was awarded the title of Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR in 1967, Hero of Socialist Labor in 1974, and in 1954 he was recognized Honored Scientist of the Ukrainian SSR. By nationality AI Arutyunov is considered an Armenian.

Alexander Ivanovich Arutyunov: biography

He was born in Yerevan on December 21, In the city of Rostov-on-Don he graduated from the North Caucasus University in 1929. Immediately after graduating from the university, he worked as a doctor for a year in an ordinary regional polyclinic in the Mari Republic. In 1930, Alexander Ivanovich Arutyunov was invited to work as a surgeon at NA Bogoraz's clinic, which was located in Rostov-on-Don. But he worked there quite a bit. In 1932 he became a graduate student of the NN Burdenko polyclinic. Upon graduation he was a practicing physician at the neurosurgical institute right up to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he also worked as a physician at the TsIU, and also held the post of head of the neurosurgery department at the SP Botkin polyclinic.

During the Great Patriotic War, he was acting surgeon of the 6th and 9th South Front Armies, since 1941 he was the main surgeon of the front in the North. Caucasus, since 1943 was a surgeon of the South-Western and 3rd Ukrainian Front. In 1945 he was a consultant in the Main Military Investigation Department.

Since 1945 he was the head of the Department of Neurosurgery at Kiev University, after 5 years he was on the list of the organizers of the Ukrainian Research Institute. In 1964 he became director of the Neurosurgical Institute named after N. N. Burdenko.

In 1967 he was on the list of academicians of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR.

The life and work of Alexander Ivanovich Arutyunov took place in the city of Moscow. The scientist died in 1975, was buried at Novodevichy Cemetery.

Scientific activity

Alexander Ivanovich Arutyunov wrote more than 200 scientific papers, as well as 4 monographs.

The vascular pathology of the brain of the head and work on its diagnosis, as well as the clinical pathophysiology of cerebral circulation, were at the center of the research activity of the scientist in the last years of his life. He paid close attention to military surgery with gunshot wounds. For the first time it was they who were put forward the methods of treating hemorrhagic strokes and the introduction of antibiotics into the brain during surgical treatment. In addition to this, he dealt with the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors, his inflammation and ways to treat pains that are highly expressed. Alexander Ivanovich worked out ways to treat cerebral aneurysms. His major scientific work is devoted to all these questions. The work entitled "Surgical treatment of cerebral strokes" was written in 1965.

All his operations on the brain with basal meningiomas, pituitary tumors were successful, thanks to his vast knowledge of these fields and the mastery of perfect surgical techniques.

Alexander Ivanovich was:

  • The chief neurosurgeon of the Ministry of Health of the USSR;
  • Representative of the All-Union Society of Neurosurgeons;
  • Chairman of the All-Union Commission on Problems of Surgery of the Nervous System;
  • Was elected first vice-president, and then presidency of the World Organization, which unites neurosurgical societies of scientists.


Arutyunov had a large number of state awards, among which the Order of the Red Star, which he received in 1940, and the Order of the Red Banner, handed to him in 1942 and 1944, and many others.

It is simply impossible to list all of its achievements and awards within the framework of the article.


Alexander Ivanovich Arutyunov, whose photo you can see below, was a brilliant figure in medicine and public health. In the works of the scientist various methods of treatment and diagnostics are covered. The scientist made a huge contribution to the development of medicine. His work is still in demand, and the name of AI Arutyunov is on hearing and is considered respected in medical circles. Arutyunova Alexander Ivanovich considered a well-deserved neurosurgeon of the Soviet period. During his life he held a large number of honorable posts, was awarded many awards. He was not only a great scientist, but also a practitioner, he conducted a large number of successful operations.

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