A bright show of your desires: mehendi at home

The desire of women to change has long been a parable in the country and the subject of male jokes. How often do we change makeup, toilet water, hair color! The bravest of us decide on plastic surgery. But recently one more way has appeared to add a highlight in the appearance, without making thus any cardinal changes. His name is mehendi. At home, it is as simple as making makeup. Therefore, you will succeed.

What do the legends say?

Mehendi is a kind of alternative to tattooing. Safer and in some ways even useful. The fact is that this word hides an ordinary pattern of henna, applied to the body. People's rumor claims that this art originated in India. However, scientists are trying to challenge this fact and insist on the origin of the mehendi from Egypt. It was there that they first began to decorate the hands of the pharaohs with such drawings. Whatever it was, but from the countries of the East this art gradually reached Europe.

Modern fashionistas can make mehendi at home and catch the admiring glances of acquaintances.

Features of the procedure

It should be noted that this painting is not a tattoo. In a few days, there will be no trace left of her. Usually mehendi in the home doing before some grandiose parties. This pattern lasts for about two weeks. Then it gradually becomes lighter, and there is no trace left of it. Some products, such as lemon juice with added sugar, can make the picture more vivid and durable. But sooner or later it will all the same be erased.

How to make mehendi?

First you need to decide on the pattern. In the countries of the East, Indonesia and Africa, each ornament is also a symbol. So, the buds unambiguously hint that love has been settled in the heart of the owner of the picture for some time. Leaves indicate wealth and abundance, and the stem with a blossoming flower, if you believe the legend, protects from the evil eye. In Europe, the patterns are not given any symbolic significance. Just make mehendi at home for beauty.

But nevertheless, you still need to choose a drawing. After mehendi - this is a kind of picture, not a set of scattered lines and curls. Today, plant and flower ornaments are very popular .

After you figure out the pattern, you can start preparing the mixture. However, you can buy the finished line-up. They are often in online stores. If you decide to make the mixture yourself, then you will need:

  • 30-40 g of henna in a powdery state.
  • Ore seeds.
  • Some water.

After mixing all the ingredients, we check the consistency of the resulting composition. It should stretch an elastic thread. If the line breaks up into separate droplets, another powder should be added. If, on the contrary, it is too heterogeneous, does not bend, then the composition must be diluted with water. Before application to the skin, the obtained mass is allowed to infuse for about 3-4 hours.

It is important to prepare well for mehendi: stencils and other handy tools should be at hand. Before the procedure, it is required to degrease the skin, and then it is desirable to lubricate the desired areas with any vegetable oil. This will help make the drawing more vivid.

If you make a mistake and the pattern goes beyond the stencil, it can always be removed with a swab dipped in alcohol solution.

As you can see, making mehendi at home is very simple and fast. But the admiring glances of those around you are guaranteed for a long time.

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