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Cigarettes "Don Tobacco". What is the popularity of the brand?

The history of the company "Don Tobacco" goes back to the distant days of the Russian Empire. The company was founded in 1857 and originally supplied the market with only grades of Kuban and Odessa tobacco. But already in 1860 the specialists of the company managed to arrange deliveries from Turkey and Bessarabia, which made the brand famous for the whole empire.

In honor of the founder of the company, tobacco was originally called and was known exclusively as "Asmolovsky" and was in demand everywhere. In 1870, Asmolov was awarded the great honor of becoming a supplier of tobacco to the court of his Imperial Majesty.

By 1912 the company Asmolova became the world's largest producer and seller of tobacco, so that the entire smoking world recognized and appreciated domestic tobacco mixtures. In the Soviet years, production was not extinguished and continued to function properly as the Don State Tobacco Factory (DGTF), supplying cigarettes, mahorka and other products to the market. After the collapse of the Union, the factory was transformed into OJSC "Don Tobacco", and later the company became a part of the holding company "AGROCOM".

Today, "Don Tobacco" has lost its competitive ability, but still remains a well-known brand, which is smoked by many of our compatriots and residents of the CIS countries.

What is the popularity of Donskoy Tabak cigarettes?

As mentioned earlier, Kuban tobacco is a mixture of Odessa, Turkish, South Russian and Moldovan varieties, which allows specialists to create an incomparable mild taste with a pleasant aftertaste.

It should be noted that the company "Donskoy Tabak" produces tobacco products not only under the same name brand. The older generation is well known for such names as "Leningrad", "Belomorkanal", "Our Brand", which were also produced by this once widely known company.

Consumer demand

If we take as a basis exclusively classical versions of Don Tobacco, today they are produced in only a few types:

  • Cigarettes "Don Light Tobacco" - a classic fragrance that gives thin notes of prunes and chocolate. This aftertaste and fragrant smoke are a signature feature of the Kuban cigarettes. Tobacco for cigarettes is delivered from several continents and is saturated with a full range of fragrances in special bags. In the form in which you can find products on the shelves, cigarettes have existed for more than 13 years, which is an indisputable proof of the popularity of the brand. Cigarettes "Don Tobacco" (photo you can see below) are familiar, perhaps, to every connoisseur of domestic tobacco.

  • Dontabak compact - the specialists of the company keep up with the times and improve their products. This is how the brand appeared. Cigarettes though and are similar in length, but differ in volume. Taste qualities and age-old traditions managed to be preserved in its original form.

  • Cigarettes "Donskoy tobacco dark" - a stronger representative of the Don Tobacco Factory. Cigarettes have a characteristic flavor and aroma, but differ in a bit of bitterness, which is preferred by lovers of strong varieties of tobacco.

  • Dontabak Slims are designed specifically for women who prefer to smoke ultra-thin cigarettes. This type of product has a more delicate flavor and flavor, which, undoubtedly, will appreciate the amateurs of "letting smoke".

Due to its rich assortment and target orientation, the products of the company "Don Tobacco" does not lose its popularity and every year it acquires more and more new fans.

Other price segments

Perhaps someone will say that the products of the company "Donskoy Tabak" is losing its relevance among young people and is more focused on a more adult audience, but it is not. Public opinion about the products of the Kuban brand is formed only because the classical versions of cigarettes are presented in the cheap price segment.

Here you can not argue - most young people know the brand exclusively in the "classics", but very few people know that the company produces such famous and popular cigarettes as Richmond, Rich, Kiss, Senator, "21st century". These types of cigarettes to the available obviously do not apply.

Marketing company

Specialists and managers of the company managed to satisfy even the most demanding consumer, which distinguishes this brand among a number of similar companies. It should be noted that premium cigarettes can be found not only on domestic counters, but also abroad, where foreigners distribute cigarettes in bulk. "Don Tobacco" willingly smoke in other countries.

The opinion of the experts was agreed that the brand simply does not release bad cigarettes. Quality, fidelity to traditions, rich taste and pleasant aftertaste are the principles and features of the Kuban Don Tobacco.

Cigarettes "Don Tobacco": reviews

According to most of the cigarettes, there is a positive opinion. Consumers note a good aroma of tobacco, which does not vary from pack to pack and is constant over many years. Positive qualities include a pleasant taste and lack of acid in the mouth after smoking.

Supporters of Don Tobacco are very attached to their "own" brand of cigarettes, remain loyal to it for decades and categorically do not want to experiment and try other brands.

As for the female audience, then opinions are divided: for example, Dontabak Slims did not appreciate the girls, but they willingly smoke the same Kiss, which also go off the assembly line of the company "Dontabak". Many of the fair sex prefer a compact aromatic Rich, which promotes brand awareness and strengthens the position of sellers.

Summary of the results

In general, most of the country's smokers use the products of the Kuban company, without even knowing it. For a century and a half of its history the company managed to win the hearts of not only Russians but also neighboring republics.

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