Children's Railway in Moscow: historical background, features, schedule

There are many reasons to visit the capital of Russia. Someone comes here to work, someone to enjoy the local architecture or visit the modern entertainment complex. The excursion program for parents with their children necessarily includes a children's railway in Moscow. She will certainly give a lot of positive emotions!

Historical reference

The children's railway in Moscow was built by pioneers. Her design began in late 1935, and two years later, more than two kilometers of the railroad track were built. In the May holidays of 1937 the most significant event occurred - the launch of two trains. Initially, they had the name: VL-1 (in honor of Vladimir Lenin) and IS-1 (in honor of Joseph Stalin).

During the war period, the children's road was removed and hidden, and students restored it only after a grand victory. The total distance of the road to date is 3.8 km.

Subsequent reconstruction

Over the course of 50 years, various modifications were made to this project in order to maximize the children's railway in Moscow in reality:

  • In 1957 new trailers were ordered from Poland. The old IS-1 was taken out of service. In exchange, he was supplied with a new locomotive TU2-078.
  • Until 1963, the attraction worked only in summer mode, but after the introduction of some adjustments, it began to work all year round.
  • In 1971, major repairs were carried out, and in 1972 the road received a new steam locomotive TU2-129.
  • Since 1982, old passenger cars of the passenger locomotive PV40 have been replaced, which are still in use today.
  • The last time on this road major repairs were made in 2005, under which all the main routes were replaced.

The children's railway, the photo of which is presented in our article, works successfully today.

The local administration is very sensitive to this sight. And annually, work is carried out there to support its functioning.

Features of traffic

The described railway is intended for transportation of small children. In summer two locomotives run here, to each of which six cars are attached. Initially, only three stop stations were created, namely: "School", "Youth" and "Pioneer". On each of them there are special entertainments for different age categories. Not so long ago, in 2006, there was a new stop - "Children's".

An amazing feature of this road is that all organizational work is carried out by schoolchildren, whose age ranges from 11 to 17 years. They manage the transport, sell tickets, carry out repairs and perform other important tasks. Previously, they are trained in specialized circles of young railway workers.


There is a very convenient schedule of the children's railway. But we must bear in mind that the transportation of children is possible only under favorable weather conditions. During heavy rain or at a temperature of about 30 ° C the road is closed.

She works only four days a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday). Opening hours are from 10:00 to 18:00. However, before you go on a trip, it is worthwhile to make a preliminary call and learn about train traffic on a certain day. For example, as already mentioned, passengers can not be transported in connection with weather conditions. In addition, once a month, sanitation can be carried out here.

About the fare

The price of a ticket for a children's railway depends on how many years the passenger was fulfilled. So, the age of 2 to 10 years is considered childish here. The ticket price for this category will be only 120 rubles. Adult needs to pay 160 rubles. Children under two years can go accompanied by a parent for free.


The most famous children's railway in Moscow, is located about 40 kilometers from the capital of Russia. You can get to the village of Kratovo, where the training buildings are located, from the Kazan railway station on the train at number 6620, 6222 or 6106. You can reach this place by car. However, it should be noted that near the station of the children's railway very small parking, which is almost always crowded with cars.

Separately, we should talk about the area on which the popular attraction is located. Around a lot of vegetation, which makes the surrounding air unusually fresh. In addition, the territory of the entertainment complex is an excellent clean pond, the beauty of which simply can not remain indifferent.

It should also be noted that the stations in large numbers have attractions for children, designed for the youngest guests - these are colorful children's towns, hills and swings. You can rent a car here. Parents can wait for their kids on cozy benches.

Several times a season, cognitive excursions are organized here, where you can get acquainted with the work of the staff, consider each car separately and visit the driver's cab.

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