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Chernotrop is very curious

The unusual word "blacktail" comes from the merger of two words - "black" and "trail". Chernotrope is a road in the fall, when their blackness is especially noticeable. Constant movement of equipment and pedestrians breaks the frozen road. Its surface clearly stands out against the background of white snow or yellowish withered grass and leaves.

The meanings of the word "blacktail"

In the modern interpretation of explanatory dictionaries, the word "blacktail" has several interpretations:

  • Chernotrop is a period of time of autumn colds before the first snow falls.
  • A holiday dedicated to the goddess Makosh. He was revered by the ancient Gentiles no less than the feast of Yarila Cold, the lord of the soldiers.
  • Hunters call it the autumn hunt.

Feast of Chernotrop

For the Russian folk tradition, the Blacktrop feast is the most important in the month of Gruden, modern November. The date of the holiday is 9 November. Although every year the date may shift, depending on the weather conditions. The black path on the background of white snow symbolized the last warmth of the earth itself.

In this period of autumn the snow is already covering everything around, but the roads and trails, through which people walk, turn black. This is due to the fact that the snow trampled by the feet melts. This lasts for about two weeks, and then winter comes and the goddess of winter, Siva, enters into the right.

The holiday itself Chernotrop is dedicated to the pagan goddess of fate - Mokosha. In the ancient Slavs, it symbolized the defender of the hearth. Servants of the goddess were spiders. Hence the patronage of Makoshi over such craft as spinning.

After the Chernotrop holiday, all agricultural work was finished. Long winter evenings began - at this time women wove, spun, knit, embroidered.

Blacktroop - hunting

The second most popular word for "blacktrope" is hunting. Mostly during this period of the year they hunt a hare. The explanation is very simple: white rabbits are perfectly visible on the black background of frozen, not yet covered with snow, earth. Blackstone is a soil free from snow (in the slang of hunters).

During the Black Hundred, hunters divide the trails into three main types:

  • Black trail, when the surface of the earth is absolutely free of snow;
  • White trail - all covered with snow, and on its surface the tracks of animals are perfectly read;
  • A motley path - from the very name it is clear that the snow is not a continuous cover, but only in places.

For beagle dogs , pure earth is preferable. They are easier to take a trace, do not get stuck in the snow and are able to catch up with the game. On the other hand, experienced hunters know that the longer snow does not fall, the harder it is for dogs to work on the blackstone.

The long absence of snow cover contributes to the fact that the hare or fox during the search for food densely cover the habitats with its tracks. Understand them and a well-trained dog is not always possible.

Chernotrop is a time for leisurely walks through the autumn forest. Real connoisseurs of peace and quiet can truly enjoy this gloomy season.

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