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Charging for the back - a special set of exercises for the prevention of many diseases

Every day from morning till night our spine experiences physical stress. This can be sedentary work or "work on the legs." Naturally, by evening, slouching manifests, fatigue and loss of strength, and sometimes aching in the back. Over time, the situation is aggravated and leads to deplorable Results. Avoid unpleasant pain in the spine and strengthen the muscles will help a simple charge for the back.

Exercises must be performed systematically. With exacerbation of back pain, gymnastics can not be performed. Charging for the back is performed at a slow pace under quiet, calm music. Avoid sharp slopes, and maximize the amplitude. Load for the muscles of the back should be increased gradually. Useful unloading movements will be dancing classes, swimming in the pool, visiting the sauna, walking in the park area, massage courses.

Charge to strengthen the back muscles

  1. Lying on his back and stretching his arms up, pulling the entire body (from the tips of the toes to the hands). Then you need to relax. Repeat six times.
  2. Lying on his back and pulling his knees to his chest, and his chin to his knees, at least five times smoothly rolled back and forth on his back.
  3. Standing on his knees and resting his hands on the floor, the head turns in different directions five times. In this case, the arms and hips are perpendicular to the floor, and the knees are slightly apart.
  4. Sitting on the heels, the body leans forward and the pelvis rises. Swaying movements of the body back and forth no less than seven times.

Charging for the back can be performed standing even in the workplace. This will take only five minutes, and fatigue will be instantaneous:

  1. Put your hands behind your head, and then sharply take them aside and lift them up. Perform a deflection backward, strain all muscles, and freeze for 5 seconds. Give up. Make six to seven times.
  2. Pulling your hands forward and rested them against the wall at a distance of one step, make a deflection in your back. Make 5-7 repetitions.
  3. After spreading your legs, perform the rotation of the pelvis in different directions, then describe the figure "eight". Do all exercises five times, while the body try to keep it still.
  4. Having spread out his legs, the torso of the trunk is executed to the sides with his hands lowered along the trunk.

It is very useful to perform the following exercise on stretching the spine several times a day, sitting on a chair in the office. To do this, put your hands on your hips, and slowly take up and stretch every vertebra, beginning with the coccygeal part. At the same time, the back is stretched, and shoulders are straightened. Then you should relax the shoulder area and stretch the neck. The chin does not protrude. As a result, there should be a feeling of strong tension throughout the back. Hold in this position for a while and relax. During the day, this charge for the back should be performed at least ten times. Correctly executed exercise is considered in the event that there is a feeling of weightlessness and leveling of the spine.

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